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Top 10 Reasons to Join the ICX Association

Earlier this year, the Digital Screenmedia Association (DSA) evolved into the Interactive Customer Experience (ICX) Association. We did this in response to the technological innovations that are impacting every step of the customer journey.

The ability to simplify the path-to-purchase, to collect data and, most importantly, to deepen the connection to the customer is easier now than ever before…if one can sort through all the noise and clutter of information coming at us at warp speed through email, our social media feeds and other sources.

The ICX Association exists to connect B2C brands to the technology that will elevate the customer experience, something we see as a win-win for both parties. We make sense of the flood of information by working with suppliers and commentators and curating information so you can quickly and easily make sense of what’s going on.

If you haven’t already joined the ICX Association, here are 10 reasons why you should:

10. Customer experience (CX) isn’t just another fad

While the labeling and fetishizing of CX may be relatively new, the idea of delivering transcendent customer experiences as a way to underscore value and build trust has been around as long as people have bartered goods and services. To take the customer for granted, or to merely pay lip service to delivering good CX, is to court irrelevance. Ignore the customer at your own risk.

ICX Association membership means joining a community where good CX is pursued intentionally and seen as mission-critical.

9. The rate of technological change is only going to get faster

We often refer to Moore’s Law as a reason for joining the ICX Association. Moore’s Law says that the computing power of a silicon chip will double every-other-year and the cost of producing it will decrease by 50% in the same time-frame.

In other words, the tech you invest in for your company will be obsolete by the time of the next Presidential election cycle. To keep up with the pace of change, not to mention all the new innovations and companies delivering these wonderful advances, is impossible for one person to keep up with.

If that wasn’t enough, the pace of Moore’s Law is likely to accelerate exponentially in the next few years as new chip technology impacts your current systems. If you think the pace is overwhelming now, just wait.

The ICX Association is your trusted partner staying up-to-the-moment on the latest technology and how it applies to your operation. We work hard at keeping-up so you don’t have to.

8. CX is the one element of your operation over which you have total control

Unlike the price of some commodity or your competition’s latest advertising campaign or any other external factor, the way your customers experience your brand is completely within your control. Take charge of the experiences you deliver by getting serious about how your people and technology interacts with the customer at each touch point.

The ICX Association will help you identity the best practices and best suppliers for applying technology to your CX. Additionally, we provide many opportunities for you to interact with peers in non-competing verticals so you can find out how your counterparts are responding to the same challenges.

7. Good CX improves customer loyalty

Study-after-study has proven the worth of paying close attention to the customer journey and delivering a good experience at every step. Even if you’ve never read any of them, your own experiences with companies like Apple or Nordstrom or Chick-fil-A will have shown you by example what it feels like to be treated like an honored guest…and why you keep coming back for more.

The ICX Association delivers research, articles, talks and other content that quantifies the best practices that go into delivering transcendent customer experiences and how they create deep bonds with customers.

6. Elevating CX improves profitability

Numerous studies have proven the following, when it comes to CX:

  • Customers defect when they feel they’ve been treated poorly
  • Customers say they rarely get good CX
  • Customers say they are willing to pay more for a better CX
  • Reducing defection rates results in exponential profitability

You may read this list and think, “Duh.” But obviously, the vast majority of brands, while understanding these basic concepts, fail to put them into practice. Otherwise, we wouldn’t have all these studies telling us that B2C brands suck at delivering on their value proposition.

It should come as no surprise to learn that companies like Apple and Chick-fil-A, who put such a strong emphasis on the customer experience, are rewarded with loyalty and strong profits.

The ICX Association, through live events, virtual events, online content, peer groups and other tools is your partner in cutting through the lip service and getting serious about fixing what’s wrong with your CX.

5. We deliver relevant online content

The ICX Association collaborates with our many supplier members to curate content they’ve created that helps you understand their solutions and technology. We also commission our own studies and other content by capitalizing on our relationship with Networld Media Group and their portals that cover digital signage, kiosks and self-service, retail and the foodservice industries. is the repository of a deep well of information that is freely available to our members. And if that wasn’t enough, the Forums section of our website provides members a safe place to ask questions of peers and suppliers and get firsthand answers to specific questions.

4. We provide opportunities to network with your peers to learn from their experiences

It’s one thing to read a great white paper, but another to have a face-to-face conversation with someone doing your job for a non-competing company who will tell you exactly what she did to address the same challenges you’re just now facing.

Conversations like this flesh out the ideas expressed in papers and eBooks, adding depth and social proof that can make the difference between action and staying in denial.

The ICX Association creates many opportunities for networking through our many events each year, as well as through our forums and peer groups.

3. We produce great virtual events

If you are unable to get out of the office for a live event, or if you love our live events and want to keep getting more good ideas from the speakers we recruit, you’ll love our ICX Learning Series.

Each month, beginning in August, we’ll produce a monthly webinar where we introduce you to technology, ideas and people that will transform the way you look at your operation. In the span of 60 minutes, you’ll have time to learn, ask questions and walk away with new ideas that you can use to improve your own CX.

 2. We produce great live events

Each year, we produce the ICX Summit, a multi-day event where you can experience a broad range of educational topics pertaining to the application of CX technology to your operation. We look high and low for great speakers who will give you a different look at your operation and hopefully give you new insights to take home.

In addition to the ICX Summit, each quarter, we produce the ICX Symposium series, where we take a specific theme and deliver talks around that theme. The ICX Symposium series, at 22 hours from start-to-finish, is a small, highly concentrated dose of CX information that will give you actionable insights to apply to your operation.

Whether you attend the Summit, a Symposium or both, you’ll also have the opportunity to network with peers, suppliers and commentators in an intimate setting that allows ample time for digging in on topics specific to your operation.

1. Good CX makes the world a better place

Think about it. By creating products and services that delight, then training our customer-facing staff to delight and, finally, by investing in technology that delights our customers as they interact with our people and products and services, aren’t we doing something amazing by giving customers respite from a world that moves at a blur, treats them indifferently and seeks mostly to take without giving anything back?

The practice of delivering transcendent customer experiences is to practice the art of being attentive, generous and helpful. That is, to be human.

Take charge of the experiences you deliver at each step of your customer’s journey with you, and let the ICX Association be your trusted guide along the way.

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