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Discover the many benefits of joining the ICX Association

The ICX Association has two main membership groups: Brand Members and Supplier Members.

Both membership groups receive…

Ongoing Education

Through exclusive, ever-expanding member resources, we keep you educated on the rapidly changing landscape of technology. With access to the ICXA member directory, ICX Map, ICX Resource Library and ICX Blog, members have a wealth of cutting edge information at their fingertips.

Invaluable Networking Opportunities

With opportunities to connect with peers through ICX Peer Groups and events like the ICX Summit and more, you will not only have the information you need but also the industry connections to take your customer experience to a new level.

Industry Influence

As a member of the ICX Association, you won’t just be keeping up with the speed of technology, you will have a voice in shaping its future. ICX membership gives you a voice in influencing suppliers, technology adoption and standards that will usher in a new age of elevated customer experience.

Supplier Membership

Helping you build collaborative relationships with end-users looking for solutions to create better customer experiences.

Supplier Membership benefits include…

The ICX Association’s mission is to connect B2C brands to technology that elevates the customer experience. We help supplier members build collaborative relationships with end-users by educating them on how and why your solutions matter in creating better customer experiences.

Choose the level of membership that matches your objectives…



Enjoy the highest possible level of access to end-users with a powerful blend of advertising, branding and influence. Your membership will include a seat on the Executive Board. This level is perfect for companies that want to position themselves as industry leaders.


Your branded presence in the ICX Association elevates your company’s profile and drives influence and leads. Your membership will include a seat on the Advisory Board where you’ll have the opportunity to help shape the future of the association and network with other influential members.


This level of membership is designed for companies with limited resources that still want members-only access to committees and other opportunities to showcase value , along with the credibility that comes from being a member of the ICX Association.

Download the Supplier Membership Prospectus

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ICXA Supplier Member Levels

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