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Based in Sterling, VA, Mvix provides content-rich digital signage, video wall, and interactive signage solutions that optimize the customer experience, improve efficiency and reduce operating costs.

Visualization and live data is the cornerstone of Mvix solutions. Focusing on cost-effective and cloud-hosted, our visual communication solutions include enterprise software with multiple content apps and widgets. The apps and widgets enable businesses to create, customize, and deploy a large variety of content with very little effort.

The rich apps and widgets include social media, workplace posters, inspirational quotes, metrics dashboards, RSS/MRSS, stock photos, HTML5, traffic, event listings, emergency/CAP alerts, courtroom dockets, box office display, Google Docs, profiles, feeds, stock photos, , dynamic weather, news, menu boards and more. They help drive audience engagement by providing a steady stream of fresh and relevant content to keep viewers interested.

Content is more important to digital signage success than the technology itself. Providing a digital signage solution that’s optimized for easy content creation and display positions Mvix as a valuable partner. Businesses can leverage such a partner to optimize their communication and engagement strategy.

To date, Mvix solutions power over 46,000 active screens spread across 29 countries. They’re building visual communication networks in retail, corporate offices, food service, college campuses, healthcare facilities, and houses of worship.

User-driven Design
Mvix’s enterprise software has a user-driven design with highly intuitive workflows. Businesses can manage multiple signage screens, content, playlists and playback schedules from one platform. The feature-rich software includes smart playlists, intelligent scheduling, reporting, multi-user management & more which further simplify the management of a display network.

Professional Services
Mvix clients enjoy end-to-end deployment, content creation, implementation, and ongoing management services. The services are executed by a team of highly-trained, certified and passionate professionals.

Trusted Partner
For over a decade, we’ve been providing digital signage solutions that challenge our clients to rethink how they communicate and engage with their audiences. Innovation is the power behind our solutions and for this, Mvix has been ranked as one of the top content delivery, ad management, and media & entertainment tech solution providers.

23475 Rock Haven Way Suite 125
Sterling, Virginia 20166
(866) 310-4923

Mike Kilian
Director of Business Development

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