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At Meridian, we’re committed to developing innovative self-service solutions. Actually, we’re obsessed with it. We understand that emerging technologies can positively impact growth and efficiency in any business, and we work tirelessly to develop solutions that assist in that growth. From concept to completion, we specialize in the design, engineering, manufacturing, integration and support of self-service solutions for our clients globally.

We believe form and function belong together. It’s why our kiosks are built from beginning to end by our own team of industry experts, ensuring the combination of engaging design and reliability. Because we own the entire process, we can guide our clients from start to finish, creating robust solutions that help clients reach their specific goals.

We understand that people want to engage with a secure, reliable, user-friendly interface. That’s why our team designed and developed our own compilation of award-winning software tools. We created Mzero Software based on the idea that businesses, large or small, should be able to manage and maintain successful self-service solutions across the globe.

We specialize in helping companies optimize brand impact and extend brand reach with self-service solutions. Whether it’s providing a wayfinding service, payment solution, advertising platform or a completely custom capability, we’re focused on encouraging audiences to engage with our clients through interactive self-service kiosks and software.

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Stephanie Mewherter
Marketing Manager

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