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Our story begins decades back as a manufacturer of complex production problems that most industrial producers wouldn’t touch. HARBOR helped create the hand-crafted, hand-tooled machine works of early 20th century American modernism. This is the foundation we are proudly built on.

Today that old world craftsmanship dovetails into the hyper-reality of retail AI, virtual scanning technology, and robotics that promises a future most people could only recently dream of. HARBOR is built on the resilience and agility of turning tough challenges into solutions, effectively deployed in many ways and locations.

The modern times demand an updated model. New ownership and leadership focus thrives on the disruptive change-making of the new retail landscape. HARBOR works seamlessly; an integrated cascade of ideation, invention, implementation, and deployment. HARBOR makes innovation relevant.

14130 172 Avenue
Grand Haven, Michigan 49417

Lou Thurmon

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