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Is there a more personal experience than taking a shower? There is now. A new cloud-based, smart shower system by Moen allows you to customize, save and remotely control your showers for the perfect, personalized experience — every time.

Moen wanted to make a powerful impression with their latest interactive and fully automated shower system, the U by Moen. Featuring multiple heads, temperature control, timers, an in-shower control panel, and a phone app, therefore Moen needed an equally interactive and engaging way to demonstrate the system to users, minus, of course, the whole getting wet part. Moen partnered with Elo and Process Retail Group and their virtual showerexperience was born.

The touchscreen display invites customers to engage and interact, making it a natural fit for Moen’s brand and what they are trying to achieve with this interactive digital experience.

The Elo touchscreen is stylish, intuitive, user friendly and allows consumers to visualize the U by Moen product in their home.said Mary Brockway territory manager at Moen.

The virtual shower experience provides information, instructions, and relevant stats, letting users interact with the controls and truly see what the system is fully capable of without having to step inside.

Moen is equally as pleased with Elo’s proprietary software, EloView, which allows them to control operating system updates, devices settings and content delivery on all of the Elo hardware across their network of stores.

EloView gives us tremendous flexibility by enabling us to service more than one location at a time,said Rob Moore senior merchandising manager at Moen. With zero touch deployment, EloView allows us to push content, app updates and firmware to a number of locations very quickly and effectively right out of the box.

Not only is Moen continuing to innovate the ways consumers interact with water, they’ve also seen real business results. Since implementing their virtual shower experience, Moen has seen rapid growth and surpassed several sales targets in their U by Moen product line.

Video by Elo and YouTube
Photo Credit: Elo
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