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The Las Vegas Strip is well known for its variety of displays, which dot almost every building. The tourist destination attracts an average of 17,700 pedestrians per hour. The Forum Shops at Caesars Palace, a 664,000-square-foot shopping mall, attempted to attract more shoppers with digital signage.

The mall’s owner, Simon Property Group Inc., selected Moment Factors, Acquire Digital Bose Professional and Mood Media to deploy 3-D digital signage along with an audio system to create an “ancient Roman” experience, according to a press release.

The companies placed a vertical marquee at the mall’s Las Vegas Boulevard entrance to draw visitors.

“Our challenge was to design content that would stand out on one of the busiest streets in the world, so we added digital visuals to the classical architecture by crafting a modern twist on The Forum Shops’ own Ancient Roman aesthetics. Our team built 22 animated capsules using 3-D architectural illusions to capture tourists’ attention from all angles where the marquee can be seen,” Moment Factory Producer Christian L’Heureux said in the release.

For the installation, Acquire Digital provided 10-millimeter LED outdoor panels.

“For the main pylon sign, which is a 3-D LED surface we use our Acquire Premium Player and CMS technology to ‘wrap’ a number of 4K source video files around, with a unique transparent overlay transitional video element,” Acquire Digital Managing Director Neil Farr said in the release.

The initial installation drew a great deal of attention from customers, but Simon wanted to generate even greater engagement, so the property company selected Mood Media and Bose to integrate an audio element into the 3-D digital signage experience. The companies provided a variety of equipment including:

  • 16 Bose Panaray 402 Series IV loudspeakers in white.
  • Four Panaray 402 Series IV loudspeakers in black.
  • Four MB12 WR weather-resistant modular bass loudspeakers.
  • FreeSpace 360P Series II full-range environmental loudspeakers.
  • Four Bose PowerMatch PM8500N amplifiers.
  • Bose ControlSpace ESP-880 engineered sound processor.

“The Panaray 402s in white are arranged on the building’s façade, and the 402s in black are on the bottom of the marquee,” Craig Briegle, Mood Media director of retail and development system sales, said in the release. “The MB12 subwoofers are up inside the marquee, not visible, and they project the bass frequencies down and out through the bottom of the marquee. The FreeSpace 360P environmental loudspeakers are in the landscape beds in-ground along the sidewalk, located between the show area and Las Vegas Boulevard.”

Mood Media and Bose had to select the location for each speaker carefully due to the “ornate and unique architectural features of The Forum Shops facade and limited acceptable placement options for speakers,” according to Briegle.

The goal of the project was to use the bright Pylon display, the loud sound and the bass frequency to allow customers to physically “feel” the display and become immersed in Ancient Rome.

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Image courtesy of Mood Media


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