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Digital signage isn’t just for big name retailers and massive control rooms anymore. Every vertical can benefit from replacing static signs with digital ones. Many verticals, however are not utilizing digital signage at all. Or if they are using it, they aren’t giving it the attention it needs.

Spas and beauty salons

Spas and beauty salons often try to create a calm relaxing atmosphere, so they might see digital signage as an unwelcome distraction. Digital signage can, however, provide much needed information and entertainment for guests in the waiting room.

In most cases, guests will pull out their phones while they wait to be seated, so they are already looking at a small screen. Why not get them to look at a bigger screen?

Spas could use digital signage to advertise key specials or upsell beauty items. They could also play relaxing videos or viral content.

Gas stations

Some gas stations are beginning to integrate digital signage into the pump point-of-sale. When the customer begins to pump their gas, the display begins to play content.

While this might seem a bit strange to some customers, it can also help drive additional traffic into the station. By advertising key deals and products, gas stations can guide guests who would normally just swipe, pump and go to purchase a snack.

Gas stations can also use this POS digital signage to drive awareness and entry into loyalty programs.

Parking garages

I find it very stressful driving downtown looking for a parking spot or a decently priced parking garage, or missing the entrance to a garage. Digital signage can help ease some of this burden.

For one, it can clearly advertise a parking garage’s entrance to avoid missing it. It can also clearly and concisely advertise the price to park, rather than hiding the price as some do.

Once you park, digital signage can also provide wayfinding of the surrounding area so you know the layout of the garage as well as where the local attractions are.


The legal cannabis industry is still young in the U.S., but it is quickly taking off, and dispensaries are struggling to keep up with demand. Digital signage can help reduce some of this burden.

Digital menu boards, for example, can provide a clear and concise list of the dispensaries’ stock and prices. Dispensaries can also integrate their menu boards with their POS to ensure the menu is always accurate.

Digital signage can also entertain and inform guests with videos on how to make very “munchy” weed recipes.


Storage facilities aren’t exactly exciting. Most of them just look like a sea of bland garages, usually painted a dull color. Digital signage can bring some life to this unexciting business and make it really stand out.

Storage facilities can advertise their business on digital signage with humorous messages, such as one where I live that says, “Your crap is our bread and butter.”

It can also help storage facilities really stand out, especially when all the competition looks the same.

And many more

There are countless other verticals that can use digital signage effectively. The technology’s power lies in its ability to communicate with guests in a fresh, real-time manner.

Every business does better when it communicates better.

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