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By Mvix (USA), Inc. 

No other business is booming in North America quite like the legal cannabis industry right now. According to Forbes, legal cannabis sales worldwide is projected to hit $57 billion by 2027, with $47 billion of that coming from North America alone.

But with all this rapid growth coming about, dispensaries will need to do everything they can to stand out amongst the competition. Seeing as many of their customers are young and tech-savvy, digital signage is a perfect channel to captivate and engage their audience.

Here are the three best use cases for digital signage in cannabis dispensaries:

Digital Menu Boards

This one may be the most obvious, but it is no less important to highlight. There are hundreds of different types and variations of cannabis strains for dispensaries to offer, so it is important for them to convey their wares to customers in a simple visual format. Digital menu boards can be as simple as a label or they can feature information cards, animations and videos to accompany different items.

Dispensaries also offer much more than marijuana. Cannabis infused lotions, creams, candies, baked goods, and beverages are all popular items in the cannabis industry, and retail locations will need menu boards to distinguish between different products.

Promotions to Increase Sales

digital signage in cannabis dispensaries

Image via Good Chemistry Nurseries

Because the cannabis industry is still in its infancy in North America, new developments are being created every day by major stakeholders. Since cannabis has only recently been tightly regulated in both the scientific and commercial fields, there has been great interest from consumers and businesses alike to learn what can be done with this new commodity.This means that new products or sales on popular products are bound to garner lots of attention when they arise. Dispensaries can take advantage of this by advertising prominently on digital displays. Digital signs are designed to draw the eye and people are already used to finding the information they want on digital devices like phones or computers. The digital sign is a familiar and trusted communications channel to consumers in this way.

Various digital signage software platforms also offer content-rich options for dispensaries to design intricate advertisements for their business. Whether it is 4K video or an HTML content widget, digital signage can take advertising to the next level.

Manage Inventory in Real Time

digital signage in cannabis dispensaries

Image via Good Chemistry Nurseries

Perhaps one of the biggest advantages of using digital signage in a marijuana dispensary is the ability to integrate with POS technology. As sales are made and inventory levels change, the menu board is automatically updated to display available inventory. This eliminates the need to manually update menus and allows budtenders to concentrate on effectively serving the customers.

You can even program automatic price drops or increases once inventory reaches a certain level.

Photo Credit: Mvix
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