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By Jamison Lynch – ComQi

Technology changes so fast these days. It doesn’t take long for must-have gear to find its way to dusty shelves, in a junk drawer nestled next to the Zune loaded with the Vengaboys album you loved for a whole week or overtaken by something new and different.

Sometimes, that means forgetting about tech that did its job well, but just wasn’t as shiny as the next big thing that came along.

Consider the LED sign. You may remember seeing lots of low-resolution LED posters at local shops, making passersby aware of deals inside. They were low-resolution, and had limited colors, and did things like scroll or blink.

Flat panel displays have long since overtaken that tech, but there’s now a new generation of LED posters that are a big update on display technology. If you are considering an in-store customer engagement strategy, you need to look at these posters and the value they bring to marketers.

These LED displays are very different from their predecessors. They’re full-color, support full video playback, and most important, the dozens of LED lights of the old signs have been replaced by 1,000s of lights in the same footprint. That means much better resolution and visuals that rival LCDs.

We have been showcasing this product in our showroom for the past two years and have yet to find a scenario in which we would not pitch this to a client.

A 2.5mm pixel pitch (the pitch means the distance between each LED) is just right for video and images, and can also display text if the figures are sized properly. A 2.5mm will struggle to show fine print, but works perfectly well for big, bold prices and call to action statements.

The advantage over LCD is LEDs is brightness. They can overpower glare in daylight-filled shops, while an owner might have to use a much more costly high brightness LCD to fight and win over the sun.

Whether you are working to replace outdated print at a convenience store, or you are trying to increase foot traffic at a high-end store in a mall setting, the design and pixel pitch are just right for almost any brick and mortar design size.  Most recently, we began deploying LED posters in mall-style locations that are built into support columns.  This allows our client to show promotional items while earning trade dollars and increasing foot traffic to the store.

Another thing that makes these posters noteworthy is the price and form factor.  The pricing is low for its size (77”H x 22” W x 2” D) and its brightness (1,000Nits), so this product is in a category all on its own.

Also compelling is the form factor, which can allow for free standing, wall mounted, or kickstand mounted layouts.  All of which are self-contained within the set making it easy to move and arrange in a store.  The unit, which utilizes traditional LED panels, is designed for easy installation. It can come out of the box, so to speak, and install without needing an engineer at the site.

It’s so easy we have been working with pop-up stores to implement these, because they go up and come down without a fuss – important when a store may only be operating for a matter of weeks.

I am a big fan of these LED posters.  If you feel the same way, give me a shout and I will walk you through the technology and how ComQi’s EnGage software drives them to boost engagement and bottom lines.

In the meantime, I will be studying the Space Jam website for more inspiration…

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