Many know Bill Warren as an executive with Reflect, a Dallas-based digital media and advertising company that designs, builds and manages digital signage networks for some of the world’s best known brands. Warren first joined Reflect’s Board of Directors in 2001 and took over as CEO in 2010. He stepped into the Executive Chairman role last year. What many people don’t know, is that for the last three and a half decades, he’s been a vital part of a Richardson nonprofit that serves disabled children.

Bill is a lifetime advocate for children with special needs. Thirty-three years ago, he had a son who was born disabled. Looking for resources, he got involved with what was then called the Richardson Development Center. He led the capital campaign to build a new headquarters in Richardson where 900 children are served each month. The new facility was aptly named The Warren Center. He and his wife, Beverly, were also pivotal in launching the Fantasy Football Draft Night event which has raised millions of dollars for The Warren Center over 25 years.

The Warren Center provides many different services to help accelerate development in young children with special needs, including:

  • Early Childhood Intervention (ECI) for children from birth to age three
  • Clinic Therapy Services including evaluation, individual and group therapy
  • Family Education & Support in the form of workshops, support meetings, and resource referrals
  • Recess Drop-Off Care at all three locations

“In our situation, when we were blessed with John, a disabled kid, we had so many friends and people, who we didn’t know, who gathered and helped us in the first three or four years of development,” Bill explains. “They helped us, so now it’s my turn to help others. My niece had a child who wasn’t speaking at the right age, and she found The Warren Center, having had no idea it was connected to her uncle. You really have no idea who you’re reaching. I think it’s good to provide quiet services where people don’t know it’s you,” Bill says. “We want to be as humble as we can be.”

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