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SCOTTSDALE, AZ  – ZIVELO is proud to announce the offering of turn-key services solutions to help deploy, install, manage, and support our best-in-class self-service products. With this addition, ZIVELO now offers world-class IT services, managing the full lifecycle of any project, from idea to reality, for any scope or scale. These services include site surveys, project management, warehousing, staging, installation, repair services, IT services, and a 24/7 support desk. This service option allows ZIVELO clients to leverage this seamless and affordable add-on to any kiosk deployment.


Historically deploying digital experiences has been difficult and complex for clients. It’s ZIVELO’s mission to address this problem head-on. In 2018, ZIVELO acquired Oak Labs, the creators of OakOS, the world’s software-developer-kit down to the operating system level for public computing experiences. OakOS allows customers and third-party developers to rapidly build, deploy, and control applications, using powerful and modern web tools, that accelerates development to a matter of days rather than months. In addition, ZIVELO recently announced the ability to offer 100% financing to clients, taking away yet another potential roadblock. Now, with the development of a proven turn-key service model, ZIVELO is truly a one-stop shop for all things self-service, offering world-class hardware, software, services, and financing under one roof.

“People don’t realize how frequently they use kiosks” says Healey Cypher, CEO of ZIVELO. “Public-computing is becoming ubiquitous as customers demand easy, self-service experiences that don’t require downloading an app. However, historically building and deploying full-service kiosk programs has been way too hard. The new ZIVELO offers full-service hardware, software, services, and financing, building a kiosk experience has never been easier.”

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