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By Kathy Doyle – Networld Media Group

The kiosk industry has really gone hi-tech in recent years. Artificial intelligence, cloud technology, mobile payment, virtual reality, augmented reality, digital currency and more, are reinventing the self-service kiosk.

Basic types of point-of-place marketing, nonetheless, are still important for attracting a steady customer flow. Wraps continue to be a huge part of the marketing mix.

The wrap is going to tell the kiosk’s story every day. It will serve as the kiosk’s advertising, promotion, product offering, contact info and more.

Done well, it can be the creative juice that drives the customer flow.

There are a couple of ways kiosks can be branded. A flexible wrap can be applied to an existing structure. Another way to brand a kiosk is manufacturing a large decal that can be custom shaped to fit and easily shipped to and applied by the kiosk owner or kiosk manufacturer on site.

The advantage for kiosk wrapping is that usually the sides and sometimes the backs of many kiosks are premium branding opportunities that are exposed to the highest customer viewing areas. Wrapping a kiosk cashes in on premium floor space for the kiosk owner.

Wraps shout out differentiation

Selecting bold colors, strong messages and beautiful graphics matter. Professional custom wraps prove their return on investment, especially when it’s important for a kiosk to stand out in a highly trafficked area.

Communicating the attributes of a kiosk offer might include a specific type of product for sale, is environmentally friendly, partners with community organizations, accepts virtual currencies, sources its products locally, or has a franchise offering, can all be crafted through messaging in a well-done wrap.

At Kiosk Marketplace, our mission is to help educate business owners by delivering the latest news and trends that impact all facets of operating a self-serve kiosk. We often form partnerships with businesses that are compatible with providing operators business solutions.

One of our partners is GCI Digital Imaging, a Cincinnati-based company known for helping businesses make a big splash in a variety of industries, including kiosks and food trucks — two industries that Networld Media Group, publishers of Kiosk Marketplace and Food Truck Operator, report on daily.

As a service to our readers, this partnership allows business owners to submit proposals for kiosks and/or food truck wraps and enjoy a partnership discount. GCI Digital Imaging is a professional firm that helps food truck and kiosk owners produce wraps that keep working for the business every day.

Inquiries can be sent to at Boom Creative Services, a division of Networld Media group.

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Photo Credit: Elliot Maras, Kiosk Marketplace
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