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By Mvix (USA), Inc.

As a commercial AV integrator, you surely know the value of digital signage and how it can benefit your clients and their businesses. In fact, it may cost them more by not having digital signage solutions in their place of business.

But even understanding the ROI this technology can provide, sometimes it can still be difficult to find an appropriate time or place to pitch digital signage solutions to your clients–especially if they show some resistance to new initiatives.

Here are a few suggestions for the best ways to pitch digital signage solutions to your clients.


One of the best places you can suggest digital signage to your clients is when you are physically on the job site. Not only will this allow you to examine the space and analyze whether the space would be a good candidate for a digital signage network, but you can also help the client visualize solutions that would make sense in the context of their business.

Perhaps your client is a school and the campus has hallways with high student traffic as they walk to classes. A digital notice board placed within a space with greater volumes of foot traffic would be an ideal way to inform students of school updates, and helps give administrators another channel of communication with the student body at large.

Look for spaces with high foot traffic, empty walls, or places where people tend to dwell for long periods of time like building lobbies or waiting rooms. These spaces are perfect candidates for signage as they can provide additional branding and messaging from the client.

Client Service Calls

This one may be a little more difficult to accomplish, but it can be done if you are closely listening and analyzing common issues your clients face. It also requires you to have an understanding of some common digital signage use cases and knowledge of the capabilities of digital signage software.

If a client is constantly having issues with their current communications channels or they struggle with providing certain information to their customers, you can become their hero by suggesting digital signage solutions.

Whether it is describing how informational and wayfinding displays can help customers find what they need, or explaining how digital signs can show real-time corporate metrics, you can paint a clear picture for your clients on how digital signage can benefit them.

Integrating New Solutions and Initiatives

One of the best ways to make more profits as an AV integrator is to upsell your services in a way that benefits both your bottom line and your clients’ business. When you pitch digital signage solutions, you can have it both ways.

If you’re helping a client integrate new technology initiatives from a hardware or software perspective, presenting digital signage as a happy medium that can engage with its audience is a powerful business proposal.

In this situation, your client already understands the power and impact technology can have, so why not discuss how digital signage can add to their branding and messaging initiatives.

Pitching digital signage solutions to your clients doesn’t have to be difficult and you have plenty of resources at your disposal to make your case. For additional help reselling digital signage solutions, download our Project Requirements Worksheet to guide the process and assist your client with building a solution they are happy with.

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