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McDonald’s Corporation is spending $6 billion to revamp more than 6,000 stores throughout the U.S. in hopes of transforming itself into an efficiency expert’s dream brand. The renovations, which will affect stores in 20 states and the District of Columbia, include kiosk ordering, table service, digital menu boards and mobile pay and pick-up zones to speed up the delivery of orders and point heavily toward McDonald’s leadership faith in fast food’s technological future.

A series of 21 separate news releases detailed the plans, saying that the remodels should be complete by 2020. The number of locations renovated in each area ranged from just 15 in the tiny District of Columbia to 840 in the sprawling state of Texas. When contacted for further details about the states not mentioned in the releases, McDonald’s media relations said that there are a total of 40 states with locations being renovated, but the chain did not provide any further details about those states.

The releases said that the transformed restaurants will feature:

  • Modernized dining rooms featuring “globally and locally inspired décor.”
  • Refreshed exteriors.
  • New furniture.
  • Digital self-order kiosks.
  • Remodeled counters centered around new table service.
  • Interior and drive-thru digital menu boards.
  • Designated curbside pick-up spots for mobile pay customers.
  • Expanded McCafé counters with larger display cases.

The renovations should not only help McDonald’s enhance operations but also the economic picture in the states in which they occur. In Pennsylvania, for instance, where the chain and its franchisees will invest more than $266 million to renovate 360 locations, Pennsylvania Restaurant & Lodging Association President and CEO John Longstreet said the investment helps the economy, as well as the QSR chain, itself.

“The over 500 independently owned and operated McDonalds’s across Pennsylvania are important members of the communities in which they do business — from offering opportunities to local residents by offering restaurant jobs to supporting local community organizations,” Longstreet said in a news release. “This $266 million investment by McDonald’s Corporation and franchisees will improve the restaurant experience for customers while also supporting local jobs.”

In Nevada, Gov. Brian Sandoval hailed the investment from the chain as an economic stimulus to the state.

“McDonald’s has long been a dependable member of Nevada’s business community, reaching countless residents and businesses right in their own neighborhoods,” Sandoval said in a news release. “Today’s announcement is just one more example of the strong economic investment McDonald’s has made in Nevada to stimulate local businesses, create construction jobs and support local families. Nevada is on the move and we appreciate the confidence this announcement places in our continued economic growth.”

In addition to the investments to modernize its physical locations, McDonald’s said it has also introduced McDelivery with Uber Eats at more than 5,000 U.S. restaurants.

“This is an exciting time for McDonald’s and we’re proud to be investing nearly $126 million to provide a new experience, look and feel for guests at 170 McDonald’s locations across Washington State,” Washington State McDonald’s owner/operator, Alan Finkelstein, said in a news release. “We are also pleased that our modernization supports local architecture, engineering and construction jobs across the Evergreen State.”

The remodels are set for the following states:

  • $120 million for 200 Arizona restaurants.
  • $390 million for 550 California restaurants.
  • $111 million for 140 Colorado restaurants.
  • $186 million for 240 Florida restaurants.
  • $170 million for 340 Georgia restaurants.
  • $317 million for 410 Illinois restaurants.
  • $168 million for 270 Indiana restaurants.
  • $143 million for 140 Massachusetts restaurants.
  • $104 million for 135 Maryland restaurants.
  • $205 million for 400 Michigan restaurants.
  • $53 million for 90 Nevada restaurants.
  • $320 million for 360 New York restaurants.
  • $214 million for 430 North Carolina restaurants.
  • $251 million for 380 Ohio restaurants.
  • $68 million for 121 Oklahoma restaurants.
  • $266 million for 360 Pennsylvania restaurants.
  • $448 million for 840 Texas restaurants.
  • $163 million for 250 Virginia restaurants.
  • $126 million for 170 Washington restaurants.
  • $166 million for 215 Wisconsin restaurants.
  • $19 million for 15 Washington, D.C. restaurants.
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