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Touchscreen digital signage is literally changing the look of shopping malls and how consumers interact with retailers. Contrary to what you may think, the use of digital in brick-and-mortar shopping malls isn’t pitting those locations against ecommerce storefronts. Instead, it’s simply a natural marriage between what people enjoy about online shopping and what they love about visiting physical retailers.

Let’s face it. Millennials and other tech-savvy shoppers know that digital features like an interactive directory can greatly enhance their in-mall shopping experience. When given the choice, where do you think these consumers will spend their hard-earned money? In a mall with an outdated, static directory or a retail outlet that’s in-step with the times and has an interactive directory that’s intuitive to use? Clearly, they’ll flock to the latter instead of the former.

Digital Kiosks Create Positive, Engaging Shopping Experiences

Today, a shopping mall isn’t just a place where you can go to make a purchase. Now, a shopping mall is a destination that people visit to have a positive, engaging experience. Rather, that’s what a modern mall should be.

When a mall is viewed as a destination, it provides a seamless experience that people will want to enjoy again even when they’re not shopping for anything in particular. Digital kiosks strategically placed throughout a mall can help create the seamless experience consumers want.

Think about the last time you visited a mall. Did you have to consult a static site map to find the store you wanted to visit? If so, you know how frustrating and impersonal doing that sort of thing is. Now, imagine if you’d had the luxury of using an interactive directory instead. You would have had access to a search menu to find exactly what you were looking for in seconds. And you would have had complete control over your interactive, engaging experience.

When you have control over your experience, it’s more personal and it relieves stress and anxiety. These things make it more likely that you will spend money. It’s common knowledge that a customer who’s at ease is a shopper who will probably buy something.

Mobile-Friendly Digital Kiosks

It’s also well known that mobile has surpassed desktop in the context of Internet usage in recent years, a trend that doesn’t appear like it’s going to reverse course anytime soon. With this in mind, it’s not enough to simply have an interactive directory in a shopping mall any more. It’s now necessary for an interactive directory to be mobile-friendly.

Mobile isn’t just a convenience in today’s connected society. It’s the basis of what could be an engaging relationship with a mall even when a consumer isn’t on site.

Mobile-friendly digital kiosks from Meridian Kiosks are exactly what malls and individual retailers need to create and sustain engaging relationships with consumers. Our digital kiosks don’t just look great. They can enhance customer loyalty and keep your retail location top of mind at all times.

To learn more about how interactive directories are changing shopping malls and what our digital kiosks can do for your brick-and-mortar location, contact Meridian Kiosks today.

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Chris Gilder

Chris Gilder

Chris Gilder has been solving self-service solutions for almost two decades. His vision to focus on self-service innovation and build reliable, robust and integrated solutions has enabled Meridian to become one of the largest end-to-end self-service providers in North America. By owning the entire process, Meridian is able to deliver in shorter time frames, offer the strongest warranty in the industry and help customers scale and maintain their self-service deployments.

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