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Displaying content on digital signage is quickly becoming the standard for marketing and general communications around the world and across all industries. But some areas are implementing this technology faster, and in more creative ways as well.

The D.C.-Maryland-Virginia region, commonly referred to as the “DMV,” is one of these geographic spaces that are adopting digital signage en masse. As an East Coast alternative to California’s Silicon Valley, it makes sense that a centralized hub for tech companies would embrace digital signage whole-heartedly.

So how have businesses taken advantage of digital signage? Check out these five amazing examples of digital signs in the DMV Region:

Kings Dominion (Doswell, Virginia)

Kings Dominion Digital Signage by Mvix

Kings Dominion, Virginia’s premier amusement park and home to the world’s longest floorless coaster, updated their Picnic Pavilion with digital signage powered by Mvix.

Located less than 30 miles north of Virginia’s capital Richmond, the 400-acre amusement park is consistently ranked among the best in the country. The park receives over 2 million visitors annually and manages over 60 rides and attractions, including 13 roller coasters, a 20-acre water park, and an annual Halloween Haunt.

In addition to rides and attractions, Kings Dominion has a Picnic Pavilion that’s popular for group activities and corporate events. It boasts five sheltered picnic spaces with a maximum occupancy of 100 guests, as well as a central amphitheater for concerts and performances.

The marketing team at the park had ten digital signs installed in each of the Picnic Pavilion spaces. Native content integrations in the software allow the marketing team to easily display information such as weather, traffic, social media, news tickers, and time alongside picnic info. They also integrated their scheduling software with the signage software to automatically pull and display reservations. When the schedule is updated, the screens are automatically updated.

“The Mvix platform is exactly what we needed,” said Ron Sprouse, the Lead of Tech Services at Kings Dominion. “In fact, this was an important milestone for the marketing team – with less effort, they can offer picnic guests elevated experiences that have resulted in repeat business, positive reviews, and an enhanced brand image.”

Read the entire case study here.

MGM National Harbor (Oxon Hill, Maryland)

To better engage and communicate with guests and staff, MGM Resorts International looked to Four Winds Interactive to implement a digital solution that includes thousands of screens throughout its multiple properties across the U.S., including at the MGM National Harbor Convention Center and Casino in Maryland.

Displays throughout the resorts are set up to pull content from multiple sources to communicate information for guests regarding restaurant information and menus, convention information, wayfinding, social media engagement, and promotions. Content can change contextually depending on the time of day or an event happening in the facility.

Video wall installations, like the one pictured above, helped MGM display flashy ads for upcoming attractions and integrated with social media posts for greater engagement with visitors and guests.

“The promotions and dynamic menus are just two examples of just how powerful a visual communications layer is if you do it right,” said Randy Dearborn, vice president of multimedia and guest technology, MGM Resorts International.

Crowne Plaza Dulles Airport (Herndon, Virginia)

Download the case Study Mvix

Crowne Plaza Dulles Airport, located just outside of the nation’s capital, recently launched a digital signage network powered by Mvix for their hotel lobby, corporate meeting rooms, and employee spaces.

The 15 displays at the hotel are uniquely designed to address three different target audiences: hotel guests, corporate groups that use the hotel’s meeting spaces, and employees. The screens are centrally managed via the digital signage software by the Meetings Director and show information that is curated specifically for each group, including flight information for the nearby Washington D.C. Dulles Airport, meeting room schedules and employee benefits information.

Next to each of the 12 conference spaces, the hotel installed 15-inch meeting rooms signs to indicate and personalize room assignments. This allowed the Meetings Director to customize messages to show corporate logos, personalized greetings for wedding receptions, and ads for other hotel services.

Crowne Plaza also put up a digital sign in the employee lounge, out of the way of the regular hotel guests. This sign has a variety of information that scrolls through in a playlist, including employee birthdays and anniversaries, inspirational quotes, guest reviews and HR information about employee benefits and company policy updates.

“The digital signs have brought us to the 21st Century,” said Tim Thomasburg, Meetings Director at Crowne Plaza. “The simplicity and user-friendliness of the software makes it quick to learn, and the displays really upgrade the overall presentation of our hotel.”

Nationals Park (Washington, DC)

What better use for digital signage in the DMV is there than at a sports stadium?

Nationals Park in Washington, D.C., has a 4,532sq-ft HD Mitsubishi scoreboard, which is more than three times larger than the display at nearby RFK Stadium. It the second largest scoreboard of all the MLB parks, with the BravesVision board in Atlanta being the largest.

ANC Sports Enterprises, which operates the LED display, and Mitsubishi collaborated on the creation of the scoreboard and the line doubling video system that displays more than 1 million pixels.

To generate income to support the scoreboard, fans can submit birthday and anniversary announcements that will be displayed on the board.

Loudoun County Parks & Recreation (Loudoun County, Virginia)

Digital Signage at Loudoun County Parks and Recreation powered by Mvix

Mvix has been selected by Loudoun County Parks, Recreation & Community Services (PRCS) to power its digital signage network across 11 locations for visitor and staff communications.

The Loudoun County PRCS provides outstanding recreational and leisure opportunities, outcome-focused community services and stewardship of the county’s natural resources. All of this is to promote the quality of life for Loudoun’s 380,000 residents, the third-most populous county in Virginia.

The county implemented a video wall and networked displays powered by Mvix in 10 community centers and the main administrative office. They display information about available community programs and activities, branded Loudoun County YouTube videos, pictures from the county parks and other supplemental information such as weather, time and local emergency alerts.

“Our mission statement is ‘We create community.’ Digital signage empowers us to accomplish this by allowing us to reach out to the community with different services in a visually appealing and easy to understand way, “said Jon Mattia, manager at the Douglass Community Center in Loudoun County.

Digital Signs in the DMV are Booming

These are but a few examples of great digital signs in the DMV region. We’ll continue to highlight fantastic digital signage implementations as they come up, both in our backyard and around the world!

Photos Courtesy of Mvix (USA), Inc.
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