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By Mvix (USA), Inc.

Many organizations rely on individual donors to support their efforts and keep facilities and programs up and running. Attracting attention and motivating people to reach deep in their pocketbooks to donate can be a real challenge, especially when many worthy causes are competing for funds.

Digital donor walls can act as a vital tool that helps highlight existing donors and attract new donations for more effective fundraising. Here are a few ways digital donor walls can help capture the attention of your target audience:

Use dynamic content with digital donor walls

Typically, donor walls are static displays that merely list names and dates. This type of presentation can be easy to overlook. A digital donor wall creates more opportunities to design dynamic displays that are engaging. Top donors can be featured along with a photo and a short bio describing their interests and why they chose to donate. Highlighting donor’s accomplishments can also help attract new donors.

Digital display software makes it easy to add images, video and even sound to displays. The display can be used to reinforce the organization’s branding by adding relevant colors and logos. Widgets and templates make it simple to create custom and professional content. There are few limits to how you can customize your donor wall and create a beautiful display that is also functional.

For those who want to create more sophisticated displays, the screen can be split into different sections to display various content. A single display can run a loop of donor photos, fundraising amount updates, and other informative content that will engage both potential and existing donors.

Digital donor walls are the perfect way to help build awareness around current and future projects. Sometimes the most significant challenge schools, hospitals, museums, cultural centers and other organizations face is reaching potential donors in the first place. A digital display is an ideal solution to increase the reach of fundraising campaigns and cultivate relationships with potential donors.

Provide fundraising updates

Digital displays are easy to update so that organizations can share exactly how much they have raised and how close they are to meeting their goals. Donors appreciate knowing that their efforts have helped support successful campaigns. In addition, people are often more apt to contribute when the fundraiser is closing in on the final amount. This is an excellent way to promote giving and increase participation.

digital donor walls

Traditional donor walls often involve engraving walls, brick and other permanent objects, which can be expensive and time-consuming. Marketing efforts, including mailers, which often end up in the trash, can also increase the cost of campaigns. Digital donor walls offer a more affordable solution and a better ROI, which means that a higher percentage of funds are directed towards the campaign. The display can also act as a source of funds by using it to sell advertising space. Investing in digital donor walls will not only help raise more funds but also reduce the costs associated with campaigns.

Engage with interactive experiences

Digital donor walls can also be interactive and include touch screen capabilities. Users can click through information and learn more about the organization, fundraising campaigns, and ongoing projects. These displays are versatile enough to be placed on walls, in kiosks and arranged in practically any configuration for a genuinely unique donor display wall that reflects each organization.

Fundraising can be a challenge, but carefully designed digital donor walls can increase engagement and help raise vital funds that help hospitals, universities, historical sites and other organizations continue to provide services and expand facilities and programming.

With plenty of design options and constant updates, digital signage offers the perfect way to highlight existing donors, attract attention, provide accurate information and effectively market campaigns to potential donors.

Photo Credit: Mvix
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