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By Reflect Systems

The Interactive Customer Service Experience Summit (ICX) 2018 is coming to the Omni Frisco Hotel June 12-14th. The ICX Association offers support to professionals in industries including hospitality, retail, health care, government, education and more. Reflect is happy to announce that we will serve as a platinum sponsor at this year’s Summit. In addition to hosting a 20×20 booth at the Summit, our innovation lab is a tour stop on Day One of the Conference.

Tour Stop – Reflect Digital Innovation Lab

Located in Richardson, our office was built for success with advanced digital signage labs, extensive collaboration spaces, and interactive demo rooms. On the tour, we will be showcasing interactive and passive displays, architectural LED and projection, wayfinding applications, social feeds, mobile-to-screen interaction, and more.

Reflect Booth

In our booth, we will showcase innovative experiences that were designed specifically for our clients to leverage their digital signage network to enhance the guest experience. A few experiences that will be featured include:


In 2012, the Herald Square renovation project spurred the creation of One Below, a new millennial floor on the basement level. Macy’s knew they needed to tap into the tech savvy ways of the millennial consumer.

Reflect created experiential and promotional content that included beauty shots of models and messages to promote sales and other store announcements. This allowed Macy’s to deliver promotional and brand messaging that resonates with millennials and build on their brand identity.

Interstate Batteries

Interstate Batteries needed a way to connect with automotive OEMs at AAPEX, one of the biggest automotive trade shows of the year. Reflect designed and developed an application where Interstate Batteries could educate the channel on product innovations, marketing plans, and key differentiators.


Reflect developed an interactive application that gave Polaris’ sales associates a tool to help educate shoppers and close more transactions. Shoppers can build their own vehicle by adding popular accessories (grill guards, doors, lighting packages, etc.) and spin their creation 360-degrees.

This innovative application is the most requested tool by dealers. And based on the double-digital sales lift of vehicles and accessories, Polaris continues to deploy the experience across their fleet of dealerships.

Cedar Fair

Reflect partnered with Cedar Fair to create a wayfinding application that serves one of their many objectives. The interactive park map allows park visitors to efficiently identify routes to their favorite park attractions and create awareness of surrounding experiences such as pop-up shops and charging stations.

Cedar Fair’s constant pursuit to boost the overall guest experience has led to its world renowned success and solidifies their reputation of delivering world-class fun and entertainment.


AdMobilize is the market-leader in audience intelligence, making sense of the physical world with an “all-in-one” computer vision & AI platform. AdMobilize will be offering a demo of one of their applications that can change advertising content in real time based on the viewer’s age and gender demographic.

About the Show

Executives from leading B2C brands will discuss how interactive technology can boost customer experience and improve your business, showcasing innovative solutions like mobile technologies, self-service kiosks, and digital signage. We at Reflect Systems are excited to connect with your business and show you what we are doing to elevate your client interactions and grow their brands.

Featured topics include the role of audio in the retail store, delivery and in-store pickup strategies, when to utilize kiosks, and more. We want to provide you with our insights to increase your sales and maximize satisfaction for your consumers. To that end, our team is showcasing our most innovative branded interactive applications, supported with a technology platform to maximize effectiveness and ensure future-proof designs.

About Reflect

Our solutions are used in thousands of locations and are embraced by billions of consumers annually, delivering proven increases in promoted product sales and enhanced customer experiences.

We supply everything brands need to accomplish their goals and make life easier along the way, including the market-leading ReflectView™ software platform, strategic consulting, content and interactive application development, solution design and hardware procurement, project management, installation, and ongoing monitoring and field services.

Photo Credit: Reflect Systems
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