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In 2016 iconic Canadian retailer London Drugs partnered with Qwick Media to deploy a full-lifecycle self-service retail program.

Like most large retail chains, London Drugs needed a solution to expand its existing brick-and-mortar format to address changing customer needs. London Drugs approached Qwick Media to develop an in-store interactive registration system for its London Drugs Extras Reward Program.

Additional features were designed into the kiosks, such as an online shopping gateway with that includes POS, an online shopping experience with the ability to touch and select products in-store, loyalty programs designed to stimulate customer visits, and access to unlimited inventory and multiple delivery and pickup options.

Qwick Media developed a fully customized turnkey solution, 100-percent designed and built in-house, and a network of branded touchscreen self-service kiosks was deployed across Western Canada. The network is fully integrated with the London Drugs IT system and managed remotely by Qwick Media’s exclusive cloud-based CMS. The 32-inch touchscreens and intuitive user interface allow shoppers to easily navigate and share information as well as scan loyalty cards, print coupons, access public transit information, and make purchases.

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