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The port city of St. John in the Canadian province of New Brunswick is one of Canada’s largest port cities and has a rich history and vibrant culture that, along with its location along the Atlantic coast, has made it one of Canada’s top oceanside tourist destinations.

Tourism is a significant contributor to St. John’s economy, with 1.6 million tourists visiting the city in 2016. Cruise ship travelers account for spikes in the number of tourists visiting the city for a day during a condensed two-month season.
Saint John’s tourism growth is projected based on the city’s ability to increase the number of visitors and maximize their direct spend, which can be achieved by providing excellent service, authentic and satisfying experiences in a homelike atmosphere. The biggest challenge the city faced was hosting large numbers: Up to 12,000 day visitors come ashore each day from stopping cruise ships during the high season.

After deploying a mobile app that did not gain high traveler adoption, the city partnered with Qwick Media to deploy six custom-made and -branded self-service information kiosks with intuitive user interfaces and several digital signage displays that were strategically placed in around the city. All the kiosks are connected and managed remotely with a cloud-based content management software. The kiosks promote St. John, control advertised content in real time, making data-driven decisions in real-time with built-in analytical tools, and bring events, attractions and amenities to visitors’ fingertips. Visitors can select, reserve and even pay for selected events and attractions through the kiosk portals.

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