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By Ben Wheeler

I am starting to really look forward to getting to Dallas on June 12, 2018. Dallas in June can really heat up, and ICX Summit seems to be heating up to be just as hot as the weather.

Last year was such an eye-opening experience for me. Getting the retailers into the building and having a real opportunity to have meaningful discourse with them at this type of intimate affair is absolutely the best approach to getting the kiosk solutions together.

Although the trade show floor is not CES-esque in size and magnitude, exhibiting at ICX Summit is an opportunity to be the BIG-dawg in the BIG-house.

Last year Zivelo and Peerless-AV were the only enclosure solutions that made the floor. This year I am already seeing that Frank Mayer and Associates, Inc.’s team will have an offering at the show. This is a step in the right direction, as the old approach of put up a booth and hope the retailer comes by has found a parry. What about the rest of you kiosk solutions?

The tact is getting the retailers on the stages and letting them talk about their needs and how to find solutions. How genius is that compared to setting up a booth and hoping?

Let’s talk about what might get you as excited as I am about this show.

The ICX Discovery Zone will be open throughout the ICX Summit for attendees to get hands-on demonstrations of the innovative customer engagement technology developed by Summit sponsors. Technologies include digital signage, kiosks, mobile, virtual assistants, augmented reality and more.

Here are just some of the speakers and panelists; Christie Rice, worldwide digital signage segment manager at Intel; Jeff Pinc, director of sales at Panasonic USA; Tori Peterson, senior program manager for visuals and experiences at Microsoft; Rafik Hanna, senior director of access at Taco Bell; John Padgett, chief experience and innovation officer at Carnival Cruise Lines; Neal Berg, AVP UX innovation and brand experience at AT&T; Shannan Coghill, global experience director at Michael Kors; Dawn Dickson, CEO and founder of PopCom; David DiMeo, co-founder of Robo Retail; Paul Epperley, director of technology portfolio at Sodexo; Amber Gadsby, director of digital experience at Dominos Pizza; David Kepron, vice president of global design strategies at Marriott International; John Miller, CEO and founder of CaliBurger; Charles Ogilvie, head of innovation at J. Walter Thompson; Tim Young, CEO of Eatsa; Tom Walsh, vice president of global store development at Under Armour; and Richard Ventura, vice president of strategy at NEC Display Solutions of America.

People, it’s time to get excited about how we can embrace the opportunity to get one-on-one-time with the people that make things happen at the retailers we are all dreaming about having an opportunity to work with. Last year I was blown away by the Nebraska Furniture Mart tour; it was an amazing tour of an amazing facility that I am more than excited to tell you about.

The list of ICX Sponsors includes Intel, Frank Mayer and Associates, Inc., SCALA, ZIVELO, Peerless-AV and as the kiosk, self-service contingency grows larger every year at this event.

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