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As we discussed in a previous blog post, video messages are by far one of the most effective, cost-conscious and versatile. Video can be used for any kind of corporate communications, whether it is creating a personal touch to corporate updates or strengthening ties with employees.

There are many ways that video can be used to revamp existing communications–and digital signage is the perfect platform to display these messages. Check out these examples of video on digital signage to improve internal communications efforts.

Messages from the CEO or Other Leaders

In large organizations, contact between employees and executives may be minimal. But a CEO doesn’t have to be a nebulous figurehead that an employee never interacts with; such a situation is not likely to build employee loyalty.

Instead, executives can create specialized videos that can be distributed quickly and widely across a company. These videos can be anything from a formal announcement to a fun nod to an employee’s accomplishment.

Some studies have shown that believing in and trusting superiors has a significant impact on an employee’s overall performance and satisfaction. A video on digital signage helps employees put a name to a face, and in a positive light.

Office Health and Safety

Health and safety regulations and protocols are required to be standardized by many industries and can be rather extensive and complex.

health and safety video series ensures that nothing is lost in translation, and vastly reduces the overall cost of health and safety training. Without health and safety video and media, company-wide seminars would need to be introduced — a significant drain on resources. Once a new practice or initiative is introduced to a company, a video will eliminate the need to reschedule and redo the same presentation for different groups.

Corporate Changes

Some changes are good, some changes are bad — but nevertheless, any kind of change can create anxiety among employees. Any time there is a new development or shift in the corporate structure, employees will be wary.

A business can get ahead of any anxiety by being clear, transparent and timely with video on digital signage. Video can be used not only to discuss corporate changes but also to show that they won’t have a negative impact on the business and employees, cutting down on speculation and addressing concerns.

Through video on digital signage, a company can control exactly what type of message they’re sending out regarding issues that might be otherwise altered through rumor and repetition. Similar videos may also be distributed to key stakeholders in the company to ensure confidence at all levels.

Training and Educational Videos

Training and educational courses can be easily dispersed through a company through video on digital signage. For continued training, video media is invaluable as it provides the employee with the opportunity to learn at their own pace and without disrupting their day-to-day responsibilities. Training and education will be standardized throughout the company in a way that one-on-one or even group training cannot be, and employees can always follow up in person with a Human Resources Officer to find out more information regarding the skills and information that they have learned.

Training and education through video media also does not need to be rigorous: small updates can be transmitted to employees, such as minor changes that will enhance productivity, in a way that would not normally be conducive to an in-person training session. Many individuals find that they learn more readily through video than any other media. Video formats also allow employees to revisit topics that they feel they need additional help learning about.

Team and Morale Building

An employee with high morale is an employee who is both more effective and more valuable. Team building and morale building can be emphasized with video on digital signage in a way that it cannot through text and other messaging. Engaging video updates are far more likely to build morale than plain text emails outlining changes.

Video is also a highly personal form of communication: after watching a video, people are more likely to feel a connection with the speaker. By creating this type of personal relationship with the employee, the employee will feel more as though they are on the same team and a part of the company.

Use Video on Digital Signage to Connect with Employees

There are many ways to use video on digital signage for internal communications, but these examples should act as a catalyst for even more possibilities. How will your company decide to take advantage of this engaging technology?

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