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By Mvix (USA), Inc.

As business technology evolves, so does the art of internal communications. Not too long ago, printed memos and cork boards were staples of office communications, but the rise of email changed those practices in a hurry. Now, videos on digital signage are opening the doors to a new world of possibilities.

Why are videos on digital signage ideal for employee communications?

Video formats are quickly becoming the go-to method of internal communications in the workplace. Not only are videos more eye-catching and aesthetically pleasing than simple email text documents, but videos also generate higher levels of employee engagement. According to h.engage, videos have an engagement range of 40 to 69 percent, the highest of all channels, including newsletters and posters. This higher level of engagement should come as no surprise to business owners and marketers.

Video is a preferred channel of communication

If you need proof of the popularity of video, look no further than the internet. Hubspot says 87 percent of marketers are using video and Google says 50 percent of consumers have come to expect video content. This same enthusiasm carries into the workplace, as videos on digital signage naturally create a more personal experience, allowing employees to connect with messages in a way that paper and email documents cannot.

Video grabs the viewer’s attention

For better or worse, the attention spans of viewers are much shorter than they used to be. Employees would much rather watch short, engaging videos on digital signage than sit through a rambling, long-winded presentation. Plus, video is a more engaging communications channel for younger employees. They’ve grown up with visual content, screens, and technology. They expect it, so why not take advantage of that?

Videos are easier to remember

Did you know that 47 percent of viewers say they can recall the content they’ve seen on digital signage? That makes videos on digital signage one of the most robust mediums available for internal communications in the corporate environment.

Video stands out from other channels because it can take advantage of multimedia capabilities to draw in the viewer. Using text, audio, and visual components, you can create a sensory experience for the viewer that sticks in the mind much longer than a written note.

Video can streamline processes that email cannot

Videos on digital signage can reduce a lot of the unnecessary confusion caused by email. Often, what we think is a simple message gets misconstrued by one or more receiving parties. The next thing you know, you’re engaged in a back-and-forth game of email tag with multiple team members, trying to clear up an ever-growing misunderstanding.

Videos on digital signage eliminate this confusion by showing employees exactly what they need to know, with little room left for interpretation. This makes videos perfect for communicating how-to scenarios. It also explains the dramatic increase in the use of video as an internal communication tool for everything from employee research to online training.

Video communicates the message faster

Videos on digital signage are a much more effective means of communicating important, time-sensitive information. Why? Because digital signage can deliver the message directly to your target audience and videos are capable of communication a great amount of information in a short period of time.

It’s no wonder that YouTube is the second-most used search engine, second only to powerhouse Google. People increasingly rely on videos to learn about everything, from current news to the best taco recipes. Whether it’s a quick demonstration or a brief explainer video, a recording offers more flexibility for a team of coworkers and allows them to pick up new information in an easily digestible format.

Video can meet employees where they work

As the last scenario demonstrates, it’s much easier to deliver a uniform message across departments when you can broadcast directly into specific work areas. Since digital signage can live anywhere — lobbies, sales floors, break rooms, hallways, conference rooms — how and where you deliver your message is entirely up to you!

If you want to broadcast how-to videos and tutorials, simply set up digital signage in your training rooms and facilities. Want to give staff updates on the latest employee benefits information? Signage in the break room is perfect for delivering that message. In fact, videos on digital signage are perfect for communicating a variety of messages, including:

  • Anniversaries and Birthdays
  • Automated event listings
  • Building and staff directories
  • Emergency alerts and instructions
  • Employee achievements
  • Productivity metrics
  • Real-time transit information
  • Wayfinding maps

Whatever the message, videos on digital signage can deliver it faster and more effectively.

Videos on digital signage are the email-alternative

While email may always have a place in the chain of communication, videos on digital signage offer solutions that email simply cannot. If you’re looking for ways to streamline workflow, improve internal communications and increase the efficiency of your business operations, digital signage provides the perfect solution.

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