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By Acquire Digital

You are now starting to see these glossy and bright screens in many quick service restaurants and coffee shops. The question is what is the reason to install them and how can it make me money?

What exactly is a Digital Menu Board?

A digital screen which displays a menu, which replaces the usually printed and placed onto backlit boards on top of counters. Due to the digital capabilities, they can include videos and animated sequences. You may have seen them in food outlets such as McDonald’s, KFC etc.

Why should I spend money to install them?

  • A greater ability for location-based marketing, i.e. menus or prices can vary per geographical region easily in just a few clicks.
  • Allowing a greater focus on high-margin items, to enable you to sell these products using vivid and eye-catching visuals to make your customer need that burger and/or salad!
  • Greater menu exposure means that you are likely to entice your audience into finding the right product for them.
  • In this millennial age, social media has a big impact on any purchasing experience in addition to customer loyalty integration, with the ability to add social feeds and interactive communication make it a great way to interact.
  • The integration with inventory management systems and point-of-sale to ensure all stock is up to date, and the ability with just a few steps to mark a product as sold out.
  • Reduced waiting times for your customers is a great benefit, no one likes waiting in line, users can order from a digital ordering kiosk, take payment and then send the order straight into the kitchen to be prepared.

They create a wow factor, these digital boards benefit from drawing attention with crisp graphics and videos, unlike a traditional backlit board with years of wear and marks. If it looks good, usually the person will want to buy it, that’s how this industry tends to function, the price of an item will tend become a secondary consideration at this point.

What should I consider before installing or implementing into my store/s?

  • With any new venture, it is important to research your market and look at your business requirements and customer needs.
  • Digital Menu Boards may not be suited to all businesses, so make certain that using menu boards is something that will fit into your brand and market. If it doesn’t it could have a potential to have little or no impact.
  • Content is key, it is vital that text and visuals are clear and easy to read, but also keep within your brand, to almost blend into store. Anyone can put a screen into a location, but it should fit its environment and surroundings.

Why use Acquire Digital’s solution?

Scheduling can be a crucial step when implementing Digital Menu boards, with Acquire Digital’s solution, it permits you to perfectly time your campaigns whether it is a seasonal event or promotion. It allows the flexibility and efficiency to change content within a few clicks, as opposed to staff changing vinyl signs.

Acquire also benefits the capability to integrate with many other POS systems such as digital ordering kiosks, order processing screens and virtual queue screens. Allowing greater flexibility and options for growth to expand the network.

Photo courtesy Christopher Hall, ICX Association

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