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By Intel Corporation

According to a new Intel survey conducted by YouGov, a majority of connected road warriors1 (69 percent) admit they always bring their mobile computing device on vacation, and nearly 1 in 3 (32 percent) indicate it makes them nervous to travel without their device. As we head into the hectic holiday travel season, we checked in with road warriors to see how they stay connected on the go.


The survey revealed that road warriors demand strong performance and have high expectations for consistent, reliable and accessible connectivity. Survey highlights:

Pet Peeves

Slow Equals Painful: Seven out of 10 road warriors (71 percent) get frustrated by lagging internet performance and poor connectivity speed. And over half (55 percent) admit that the inability to quickly load pages (emails, web pages, etc.) is a top computing-while-traveling pet peeve.

They Also Admit to Strange Behaviors…

Unusual Spots: Eight in 10 (81 percent) report they have connected to the internet in an unusual spot. Restaurants (60 percent) are the most-commonly reported location, while nearly 4 in 10 share they have connected in a parking lot. Others report connecting at a park, beach, bar, the side of the road or at a rest stop.

Going to Extremes to Connect: Nearly 2 in 3 road warriors (65 percent) admit doing something extreme in order to connect their mobile computing device to the internet.


Favorite Activities

It’s All About Email and Entertainment: Email tops the list of favorite activities (90 percent) when connecting on the go, but entertainment is also popular: More than half (53 percent) say they mainly connect for entertainment like streaming and gaming.


Not So High on the List?

Battery Life: Fewer than 1 in 5 (18 percent) share concerns about their mobile computing device’s battery being low while on the go. And only 1 in 10 road warriors (10 percent) have rushed to an outlet to charge their device to stay connected.

To Pay or Not to Pay: Over half (55 percent) say not paying for a connection or paying a reasonable fee for Wi-Fi is important when connecting on the go. A little over a quarter (26 percent) say they would be willing to pay for a short window of Wi-Fi service.

The good news is that there are plenty of devices available today that offer great performance and great connectivity for computing on the go. The latest Intel®-based mobile devices are fast and responsive and come in a range of connectivity options for you to choose – Wi-Fi, tethering or always-on 4G LTE – so you can power through email or get lost in a 4K-resolution movie from a coffee shop, library, beach or grandma’s house. Powered by the latest Intel processors, these devices run all of the most popular apps for work and play and connect seamlessly with peripherals:

Samsung* Galaxy* Book 12 – Currently available via Verizon*, this 2 in 1 PC comes with an S Pen and keyboard that connect instantly and never need charging, plus lightning-fast LTE and Wi-Fi connections so you can be creative, productive and connected, no matter where you are.

Google* Pixelbook* – Google’s high-performance Pixelbook is its thinnest Chromebook ever. It features a built-in Google Assistant, a Pixelbook Pen, amazing battery life and Instant Tethering, which allows people to access their phone’s data connection even when without Wi-Fi.

HP* Spectre* x360 – The ultra-slim convertible laptop has high-end power, a digital pen, long battery life, increased security features and a 4K display in addition to Wi-Fi connectivity, offering endless versatility.

Lenovo* Yoga* 920 – This Wi-Fi-enabled 2 in 1 intuitive convertible laptop offers voice-activated support, a digital pen option, top performance and speed, and a 4K screen. Its Constant Connect feature downloads emails, plays music and receives Skype* calls – even in standby mode.

PCs put powerful creative experiences into a portable design and, with fast connectivity inside, let people be more productive from whichever location their day or week takes them. Consider an Intel-powered PC with connectivity this holiday season.

Survey Methodology

1The Intel online survey was fielded among 502 Road Warriors, including 269 Mobility Mavens (i.e., U.S. consumers, 18+ who use their mobile computing device for work or personal reasons outside of their home and/or workplace once a month or more often) and 233 Frequent Travelers (i.e., U.S. consumers, 18+ who travel with their mobile computing device five times a year or more often). The survey was fielded by YouGov in September 2017 to illuminate the Wi-Fi/battery habits, pain points and concerns among this segment of the population.

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