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The day after Thanksgiving, crowds of shoppers flood through storefronts all over the country in search of the season’s best holiday deals. In response to the infamous “Black Friday” sales event, online retailers have created their own with  “Cyber Monday.”  Now, retailers can leverage interactive, retail kiosks to combine the benefits of digital and in-store shopping. Engaging content on digital display increases consumer awareness and offers new channels for retailers to expand their consumer reach. By offering interactive kiosks, retailers improve the shopping experience for bargain shoppers while adding even more opportunity for ROI.

Digital Advertising Engages Consumers

Kiosks help customers avoid searching through the crowd to find what they’re looking for. Wayfinding capabilities guide users through the store and encourage customers to explore new departments and products. Retail kiosks provide convenient and engaging access to consumers, who may be flustered by the large crowds and variety of deals. Digital advertising on kiosks offer the ability to lpresenza-46-dual-sided-outdoor-wayfindingoad ad content in multiple formats such as video, photo, text and audio to engage customers and promote targeted information (e.g. discounted products, bundle deals, etc). Kiosks also Improve inventory management and stock efficiency. Retail kiosks provide customers with access to more items while reducing on-hand inventory and warehouse costs. Users can browse the discounted merchandise and purchase items directly from the kiosk, foregoing the product bins, clothing racks and shelves.

Self-Service Bill Payment

Retail kiosks provide customers with a fast and efficient checkout process during the hectic shopping day. The bill payment capabilities improve the retail experience by allowing users to skip the checkout line and frees up employees to assist customers in the sales process. Kiosks can also gather user contact information, which allow retailers to connect with consumers even after they’ve left the store. Retailers can leverage the information to promote extra savings throughout the holiday season and gather feedback from their customers.

Photo Credit: Meridian

Chris Gilder

Chris Gilder

Chris Gilder has been solving self-service solutions for almost two decades. His vision to focus on self-service innovation and build reliable, robust and integrated solutions has enabled Meridian to become one of the largest end-to-end self-service providers in North America. By owning the entire process, Meridian is able to deliver in shorter time frames, offer the strongest warranty in the industry and help customers scale and maintain their self-service deployments.

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