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As Pentagon Federal Credit Union continues to grow at a rapid pace, Diversified provides integrated technology solutions to support secure, remote data management.

With the help of Diversified’s team of industry experts, Pentagon Federal Credit Union recently opened a secure operations center to monitor and optimize its customer experience. The command center allows staff to enhance customer engagement, increasing retention rates and while simultaneously reducing security threats.

With a membership increase of 26% in the last four years and 95% of its customer transactions occurring online, PenFed’s daily operations demanded an operations center that delivered secure monitoring and remote management activity. Hailed as state-of-the-art by, the command center is equipped with a 550” video wall and a networked visualization system that allows effective monitoring of all domestic and overseas transactions.

Given the sensitive financial data streaming in and out of PenFed’s network 24/7/365, security was critical. Diversified not only provided a visualization system that delivers content management for the video wall through secure network encryption but also provides enhanced awareness for the entire ops center staff. The system is tied together through 32 workstations where PenFed can easily monitor and push information to the video wall as needed to highlight specific activity.

Diversified is an industry leader in the design and installation of mission critical command centers and a proud technology partner to clients across the globe as they adapt to meet the demands of a constantly evolving marketplace. Engineered with function and the future in mind, this scalable and versatile solution will continue to evolve to meet PenFed’s changing needs as they continue to grow in the coming years.

About Diversified
Diversified is a world class design and integration company for managed network systems. Our expert staff of IT, Broadcast and AV engineers work in conjunction with our experienced sales consultants and project administrators to achieve the absolute best digital signage solutions for our customers. Diversified provides complete end to end services from network design, project management and installation to content creation, trafficking and 365/24/7 proactive monitoring. We don’t believe in “one size fits all”. Every single Diversified client is unique and deserving of customized solutions to achieve their specific goals.

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