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By Jessica Turnblom – Omnivex Corporation

Sharing information is vital for any business; increasingly, mobile apps are a popular way for organizations to share their information. Mobile apps are being used for a variety of applications including logging hours or sales, updating the status of machinery, or for interacting with customers. Connected through the Internet of Things (IoT), new uses are seeming to develop daily. As Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft, says, “To me, when we say mobile first, it’s not the mobility of the device, it’s actually the mobility of the individual experience.” People should be able to receive or share information on any screen; whether at their desk, in the field, or even out to lunch.

What makes for a good mobile app?

A good mobile app will allow you to:

  • Create updates and receive live feedback the moment it hits the screen
  • Be able to easily set up crowd collaboration on any data source, and monitor who is using your data while tracking any changes they are making.
  • Quickly and easily share personalized, real-time information with employees and customers on any device and allow instant feedback
  • Have bidirectional data flow, meaning a refresh button isn’t needed because data is updated instantly

A good mobile app will also keep your data secure. It will allow you to maintain full ownership and control of all transmissions through proper encryption, and be sure that all data and content is encrypted, even at rest.

Finally, the ideal mobile app should make sharing information easy. Corporate executives, employees, business partners, and customers should find it easy to share and receive real-time information on whatever device they use. This allows everyone to make better informed business decisions.

Whether it is business apps for mobile phones, or real-time information on digital screens, organizations need a digital communications platform that enables them to share information in a multitude of ways.

Unfortunately, building mobile apps can be quite cost-prohibitive. The median cost of developing iOS apps in North America is around $150/hour, and complex apps take around 28 weeks to build, with design taking approximately 370 hours and backend development up to 2,200 hours. This makes developing mobile apps for internal organizational uses often cost prohibitive.

Fortunately, Omnivex Ink enables organization to quickly and easily share personalized, real-time information on any device with employees and customers, and receive instant feedback from them. Whether it is business apps for mobile phones, or real-time information on digital signs, Omnivex Ink provides a platform to manage digital communications across the entire organization.  It allows organizations to:

  • Create a mobile experience in minutes—no coding required
  • Build the app once and deploy it on any device
  • Have real-time bidirectional flow of information
  • Easy control of who has access to your app/information
  • Extend information to everyone’s fingertips
  • Build your app without any coding required
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