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C&G Partners used BrightSign players throughout the exhibition Stolen Heart: The Theft of Jewish Property in Berlin’s Historic Center, including the exhibit centerpiece: a unique 3D video map table. The exhibition tracks the rise of Jewish business and property owners and their contributions to Berlin’s central district, Mitte, until the 1930s, after which Nazi-sponsored Aryanization resulted in the destruction and theft of Jewish-owned properties. The story is told through five families before, during, and after World War II. The 3D projection-mapped video table illustrates how the homes and business of the five Jewish families were expropriated. Featuring homes and properties in context with aerial views of the city center from 1933 to present day, the video incorporates archival images and topographic time-lapse elements projected onto a 3D-printed 1:1500 scale model of the heart of Mitte.

Provided by BrightSign, LLC

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