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Omnivex Ink extends real-time information to everyone’s fingertips

Omnivex announced the launch of its next generation digital communications platform – Omnivex Ink. Omnivex Ink enables organizations to realize their Return on Investment (ROI) in data and digital signage by extending real-time information to everyone’s fingertips. With Omnivex Ink organizations can quickly and easily share secure, personalized, real-time information on any device with employees and customers.

In three easy steps anyone can quickly share information on any screen – no coding required. Whether it be business apps for mobile phones or real-time information on digital screens, Omnivex Ink provides organizations with a platform to manage digital communications across their entire business.

With Omnivex Ink organizations are in complete control of their data. They maintain full ownership of their data and control everything at all times. All transmissions are encrypted and all data and content is encrypted at rest. Organizations can set permissions to control who sees their data and what they are able to do with it.

In Omnivex Ink, all data updates happen instantly. There is no need for a refresh button. Organizations can push out updates and receive live feedback as it happens. They can easily set up crowd collaboration on any source of data, then monitor who is using the data and track changes being made.

“We are extremely excited to launch Omnivex Ink and see it as a communications game changer for organizations of any size,” said Doug Bannister, CEO, Omnivex Corporation. “With Omnivex Ink it is now easy and very cost effective for organizations to share real-time information with people across the business on any screen. Say goodbye to mobile app backlogs and silos of information. Say hello to real-time information sharing and improved communication across the organization!”

About Omnivex
Since 1991, Omnivex has been helping innovative organizations reach and touch the right people, at the right time, in the right place with industry-defining digital communications solutions.

Our success – and the success of our customers – is based on the simple, proven principle that effectively informing, persuading and engaging audiences isn’t just about good creative or content; it’s also about timing, environment and relevance. In a word, context.

And dynamic context is what Omnivex software has delivered from day one.

Our solutions are designed to work for you and respond to your needs. Our goal is to provide you the most powerful software tools to effectively communicate your message, with the least amount of work on your part, regardless of industry or application.

In any business, conditions, expectations and behavior can change quickly. Give yourself the ability to keep pace with – and anticipate – that change. At Omnivex, we can show you how.

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