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NEW YORK, NY (PRWEB) MARCH 16, 2017 – ComQi’s digital signage technology can now drive long dwell-time viewing environments like waiting rooms and restaurants with legally-compliant, encrypted cable TV signals through a new hardware and software integration with BrightSign.

ComQi’s EnGage platform now supports BrightSign’s HDCP-compliant XT1143 media player – a device that’s been engineered and fully compliant to use and display subscription-based video feeds from cable TV set-top boxes.

An acronym for High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection, HDCP is digital copy protection technology widely used by broadcast and content companies. While running subscription TV on digital signage networks is common, they’re often being driven by equipment that is not licensed and legal to effectively receive and repeat copy-protected signals.

BrightSign’s XT1143 is one of few digital signage devices on the market that is fully HDCP compliant.

“Working with BrightSign allows us to meet a request we get regularly from customers for a solution that properly delivers and blends commercial TV signals with digital signage content,” explains Max Stevens-Guille, CTO for ComQi. “By using BrightSign’s players, we know we’re keeping our clients on the right side of copyright protection laws, and doing it using very solid, highly respected hardware.”

ComQi’s global client base includes companies active in retail, food service and corporate environments that have scenarios in which customers may be dwelling in one area for extended periods. Using subscription feeds is one tactic ComQi clients are using to enhance the experience for those waiting customers.

“We’ve grown very flexible in terms of how we can create hardware and software solutions,” says Stevens-Guille, explaining that ComQi’s award-winning EnGage platform can works across numerous types of playback devices, from full PCs to smart commercial displays.

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