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To say that the success of ISE in February 2017 reflects the success of the industry it serves doesn’t diminish the achievement of the organizers in running such a dynamic event.

Digital signage adoption is increasing almost everywhere. Surveys such as the authoritative IHS Global Market for Digital Signage report forecast that shipments of displays and players into the signage market will grow by 9.3% and 8.1% respectively in 2017.

Each vertical that we serve is seeing growth at this time. Retail, the big market for signage, is far from saturated. For example, Technavio is forecasting a 16% growth in retail display sales. There are still retailers adopting signage for the first time, while existing users are introducing screens to additional stores, increasing the number of screens in locations that already have them, and replacing PCs, screens and infrastructure as technology improves. Corporate, leisure, education, food service and transport are also all growing markets.

As demand continues to grow, dedicated appliances designed specifically for the task are coming to dominate the market. Integrators like purpose-built players for three basic reasons: scalability, stability and content management. A specific model of an appliance player is identical no matter where in the world it is installed – so if an application works in the integrators lab, it will work anywhere. The hardware and firmware design is stable – new releases of firmware are normally only to implement new features, and are optional. If you don’t need the new feature you don’t need to upgrade. Finally, appliance players are closely integrated with the leading content management systems, making it easy to manage national, regional or global player networks.  Integrators also love the signature reliability of dedicated players – with a proprietary operating system designed specifically for one purpose around one specific hardware architecture, there is nothing to fail.

Appliance player design is evolving, to make them easier to integrate into the display. Until now the players built into screens have been relatively limited in their capabilities and software support. At ISE, the BrightSign Built-In Digital Signage Module (BrightSign DSM) was announced, which makes it easy for manufacturers to embed market-leading digital signage technology directly into their displays. BrightSign also launched an OPS model of its popular HD3 player, giving the 2 million OPS displays worldwide access to an affordable, reliable media player that offers features and functionality that have come to be expected for commercial-grade digital signage.

I am excited about the prospects for the digital signage industry. We are in the business of entertaining and informing people, and we are continually finding new and more exciting ways of providing an experience with digital signage. As I walk around events like ISE, the upcoming DSE, and InfoComm, I continue to see innovations that take my breath away. As long as we can maintain that, then our present growth trajectory will continue and perhaps even accelerate further.

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Jeff Hastings

Jeff Hastings

Jeff Hastings joined BrightSign as CEO in August 2009. He brings a wealth of experience in digital media and technology. Prior to BrightSign, he served as Corel’s president and general manager of digital media, responsible for developing and implementing all aspects of the company’s digital media strategy. Prior to joining Corel, he served as general manager at Pinnacle Systems, the consumer division of Avid, where he was responsible for all aspects of the company’s global operations. Prior to joining Pinnacle, Jeff Hastings was COO of M-Audio, another Avid company. He was responsible for taking M-Audio’s highly regarded tools for computer-centric musicians and professionals and expanding their reach into the consumer market. Before this, he served as president of Rio, the company that pioneered the MP3 space by introducing the industry’s first MP3 player. Jeff Hastings holds a bachelor’s degree in computer science from Purdue University and holds eight U.S. patents.

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