By Ryan Mason – Allure-Christie

D-I-Y projects can be a lot of fun sometimes. They bring a feeling of accomplishment and pride. Often times, completing a do-it-yourself project at work will bring accolades from the boss and team members. Not to forget, the feeling of – I just saved a lot of money by building this by myself.

Was it really worth your time and effort?

Did you actually save money after finishing this project?

When working on complex D-I-Y projects such as installing Digital Signage solutions, there can be many hidden and unforeseen variables. These end up not only costing you more, but also bringing a plethora of problems you never thought or heard of. Let’s delve a little deeper into this situation.

A simple D-I-Y digital signage project can be as easy as 1-2-3. This setup typically includes 1) A widescreen display 2) A mount for the widescreen display and 3) Digital signage player. If a business is looking at playing video in loops, this is an excellent set-up. But, that is all it will do – play video loops. When it comes to doing something more advanced, a D-I-Y Digital Signage solution doesn’t serve as a one size fits all. Here’s why:

1) Working on a D-I-Y digital signage installation project takes away Full-time Employees from projects they are currently working on and incur a hidden cost. DIY tools may be cheap, but they come at a price that is nearly impossible to gauge.

2) A D-I-Y Digital Menu Board (DMB) playing repetitive video does not bring any value to the company but, due to lost opportunity costs, end up costing more to the company. An optimized DMB, that is customized for a particular business model, will help the business capture analytical data to provide insight that may not have been available with a simple D-I-Y solution.

3) In most cases, a professional Digital Signage or Digital Menu Board installation is connected remotely via the cloud. This is not the same for a D-I-Y installation. When it comes to updating content on many Digital Displays or DMBs installed manually, each device has to be programmed individually. In a professional installation, it’s a simple one-click process done remotely.

4) A D-I-Y solution is pieced together from various directions. Many vendors may be involved in different phases of implementation of this project. It is a classic example of “too many chefs.” Down the road, this will cause the company many issues that were unaccounted for. A professional installation approach will give the company, a one-stop shop with turnkey digital signage and digital menu boards that manage content, provide support and maintenance.

A D-I-Y approach may appear to be cheaper initially, but over time, it will result in being a much more expensive solution. The smartest and most effective option for installing Digital Signage and Digital Menu Boards is by engaging a professional digital signage company and avoid D-I-Y Digital signage at all costs (no puns intended).