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ZIVELOs expertly designed public computing solution for quick serve and fast casual restaurants.

By Ziver Birg — ZIVELO

Customers increasingly want personalization and customization at every level of their consumer experience. This preference for digital first engagement has been growing steadily for the past decade thanks to a combination of factors including the rise of personal computing technologies (like mobile phones, laptops, and tablets), the data-driven consumer profile (including social media profiles and loyalty programs), the increased sophistication in order fulfillment technologies (from point of sale systems to supply chain management), and the recent growth of location awareness (like iBeacon and BLE).

All of these technologies have empowered customers to prefer brand experiences that are highly personalized and digital first. And this is beginning to have a significant impact in retail environments from clothing and furniture stores to quick serve and fast casual restaurants.

This week, McDonald’s announced the first fleet of self service kiosks deployed to deliver this increasingly personalized experience for their ever more modern consumer that Inc. Magazine has suggested may “change fast food forever.” Signaling the positive market reaction, McDonald’s announced that it would expand the service to all 14,000 of its American restaurants.

Why? The benefits to both sides are great.

1. Improved Accuracy and Payment Convenience

In restaurants for example, the ability to customize meals and engage directly with the ordering systems ensures the customer receives exactly what they want. Having spent the past 10 years getting comfortable with digital interactions and digital ordering systems, the customer can confidently build their own order ensuring that nothing gets lost in translation. Accuracy improves and waste is reduced.

2. Increased Satisfaction Through Faster Service with a Smile

With an order entered by the customer, they are sure to get exactly what they ordered. Satisfied already, the order can now be delivered by the same team that would have taken the order but redeployed in a customer satisfaction capacity instead. The customer is pleased with the product and delighted with the service provided by the customer service representative now moved out in front of the counter.

3. A Return to Loyalty by Understanding Preference

With an upgraded customer experience more in line with the expectations of the customer, they will return to the store more frequently.

4. A New Interface for Brand Engagement

Deployed in strategic locations throughout the store, in store digital interfaces provide a new interactive platform for a variety of relationship extensions including in restaurant promotions and customer feedback.

Embracing Next Generation Engagement

From boomers to millennials, the efficient and inviting interface provided by life-size, interactive kiosks and digital displays deliver the right experience. These digital-first customers feel empowered to interact with brands through this new interface and because they are comfortable with the exchange, they lean in to the experience. Increased ticket size and loyalty to the the brands that provide this engagement method is typically the result.

We believe in Public Computing

For the past decade ZIVELO has been committed to public computing. We believe that kiosks and digital signage solutions provide significant benefits to brands and businesses and the customers they serve.

In support of this, our company delivers undistracted, in-person connections between brands and consumers with free-standing self-service kiosks and digital signage solutions. ZIVELO designs and manufactures best-in-class kiosks that, as an extension of your brand, can attract and engage customers to enable that customization.

Are you providing an individualized in-store digital experience for your customers, the same way you are online? Want to learn how to? Feel free to connect with one of our team members to learn more.

ZIVELO is a company that designs, engineers, manufactures and distributes public terminal systems throughout the world.

ZIVELO stands out in the industry of kiosk manufacturers, with beautiful, simple designs that invite interaction.  ZIVELO makes its products out of aluminum, while the industry continues to use steel and plastic. ZIVELO produces its machines in the United States under fair trade standards while most others produce them in Asia with no labor standards. Most importantly, ZIVELO understands the need to create user-friendly interfaces, which is why we design our products with the most convenient and efficient features.

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