By Doug Starr – Allure Global Solutions

Most of America was captivated by the story of 2 perennial underdog teams competing for a chance to end their insufferable streaks between world championships. I admit that I was a sucker for the most long-suffering, so I pulled for the Cubs to end their whining about what Steve Bartman did to them back in 2003. And the Billy Goat back in 1945. Come on guys … it’s baseball and, in my mind, those stories need to be put to rest. Couple that with the youth of this Cubs team, a GM who thinks like Rain Man, and a manager who looks cool in dorky glasses, and you had me at “hello”.

I love it when the Cubs play during the regular season, but for a selfish business reason. They’re a customer of mine too. Allure does stadium digital menu boards at several of Wrigley’s concession stands, so when the Cubs are playing, we feel like we’re part of the team. I watch the games differently than most Cubs fans – I’m more casual about how the team does on the field. I’m interested in how the fans are doing when they jump out of their seats to get a snack and a beer. The Rain Man in me wonders how long the lines are, if the menu content looks right, if we should be changing the creative, if this was a banner day for LTOs, if the digital menu board software is working flawlessly. And guess what, the Cubs and their concessionaire are thinking the same way about their menus and digital menu boards.  Yet another reason why I leaned into the Cubs quest to end the curse.

Many of you know this already, but I’ll reiterate – the Chicago Cubs are a team that does it right. From the front office to the ticket takers. From the Analytics geeks to the equipment managers. From the coaches to the concession clerks. They are a class act and a clutch team. They deserved the win and the chance to lose all the curses, excuses, and drama. I’m thrilled for them. It couldn’t happen to a more deserving group.

Don’t take this as a knock against the Indians. That’s a great group too. A classy group of guys from top to bottom. They deserved to win too. And I figured out how they can get over the hump next year. Just become an Allure Ballpark Digital Menu Boards customer. After all – three of the last 4 World Series Champions figured that out. And let me know if you need any help hoisting the trophy next year. I’ll come running!