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The new website, powered by Networld Press, serves as a cross-campus research showcase dedicated to the advancement of research initiatives.

LOUISVILLE, KY (PRWEB) — Networld Media Group is pleased to announce the launch of, a new website for the Western Kentucky University Research Foundation.

The new website, powered by Networld Press, serves as a cross-campus research showcase dedicated to the advancement of research initiatives and the publication of information about research and scholarly project outcomes and their impact.

gi_61271_wku-research-foundation-website“The Board of Directors of the WKU Research Foundation is so excited to have the opportunity to spearhead a project of this scope,” said Dr. Cheryl Stevens, president of the WKU Research Foundation. “Not only does it introduce some of our incredible research faculty and students, but it also tells our story to prospective students, faculty and collaborators. It has the potential to be truly impactful.”

At launch, the website focuses on 12 WKU research and service centers:

  •     Advanced Materials Institute
  •     Applied Physics Institute
  •     Engineering Manufacturing Commercialization Center
  •     Folk Studies and Anthropology/Kentucky Folklife Program
  •     Kentucky Climate Center
  •     National Science Foundation Research Experience for Undergraduates Program
  •     Nondestructive Analysis (NOVA) Center
  •     Ogden College Electron Microscopy Facility
  •     The Biotechnology Center
  •     Thermal Analysis Laboratory
  •     WKU Small Business Accelerator

“Besides high-quality research capabilities, several of these research centers have business components that offer analytical and prototyping services for local and national companies,” Dr. Stevens said. “WKU students have participated in laboratory experiences that have helped them develop highly technical skills, an entrepreneurial view and relationships with private companies, making these students very competitive for further education and job placement.”

With the vision and commissioning of the WKU Research Foundation Board, Networld Media Group designed the new website and developed a content strategy for ongoing updates, one of the distinctive aspects of the Networld Press platform.

To accomplish this, Networld Press has partnered with the WKU Office of Public Affairs to integrate WKU Research News. In addition, Networld Press will provide original content such as research spotlights, student spotlights, WKU Research Foundation project updates and more.

The website also presents a platform to recognize the research contributions of faculty, students, alumni and community leaders who are included in the site’s “Movers & Shakers” directory.

Students, faculty, community members and businesses can visit the website to find information related to research and outcomes, and also to learn about opportunities to get involved.

The “Get Involved” section highlights new opportunities with the various service centers; an event calendar spotlights important dates such as grant deadlines, workshops, webinars and training resources.

The platform is meant to serve as a source for continuous updates. Built-in feedback mechanisms will facilitate submissions from the WKU community for research center showcases, event listings, spotlight articles and additions to the Movers & Shakers directory.

The WKU Research Foundation monthly email newsletter will also provide subscribers with access to a curated list of updates.

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