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Episode 2. I hope you enjoyed our first Cup of Jo video featuring Karla Congson. Today, we’re speaking with the always engaging, outspoken and digitally savvy Steve Mast, President and Chief Innovation Officer of Delvinia. Steve discusses how several key technological disruptions have extensively changed our current marketing landscape.

Grab a coffee and take it all in.

You’re coming from the world of being an architect and a games designer and moving into this world of marketing and development. How’s this crazy shift applying to your world today?

I think there’s been three big significant disruptions that have happened. First one is around automation. Saatchi & Saatchi out of London, UK have implemented one of the first smart ads; what the ad does is it has millions of different combinations and it learns over time as people look at the ad, responds to the ad, and take action in the ad. So, every single time the ad is a little different.

The second one is around this idea of multi-sensory experiences. Look at examples like Marriott hotels how they’ve used virtual reality to immerse people in these other forms of experiences. Imagine the possibilities that brands can do with that. I think this idea of multi-sensory experiences is very disruptive and these things are starting to converge and come together.

The last one is harnessing real-time data. I think a great example of it is when British Airways did their ‘Look Up” campaign.  That was bringing in real-time data and then this little boy would go across as a plane would fly overhead and he’d point and say that’s the airline going to Dubai. It was emotionally brilliant, and every single time it was different. I think those three buckets, to me, are really interesting from a disruptive perspective.

18 years in for Delvinia. I found it really interesting on your 15th anniversary that you really plotted out milestones against Google’s incorporation, the advent of the Mac, the new social media era. What do you think are some of the biggest milestones that have happened out there in the marketing world that sort of match up against that?

Broadband put a tremendous amount of infrastructure and a huge pipeline that gave marketers great opportunity to tell very rich media stories. Years later, we saw a build on top of that with social media and the ability to now have a network of people that became advocates and influencers for your brand which was a significant change and opportunity for marketers.

Built on that, in the next wave, was mobile and the evolution or revolution opportunity of mobile. And, what a marketer’s dream. When you think about it, the right message to the right people at the right time. Brand in your pocket, it’s a tremendous opportunity in terms of mobile platform.

From there, I think we’re seeing now (and it hasn’t really taken a hold yet) is the Internet of Things which is really around data, data, data. We start connecting these dots and being able to truly track people and really truly bring to life these customer journeys that we always talk about our path to purchase journeys. I think the Internet of Things really holds huge promise on finally completing that puzzle. And, then I think the thing that’s emerging right now, you see a lot of talk about, is artificial intelligence. So, whether those are agents like the Siri’s of the world or even the advent of things like chatbots which holds huge amount of promise as well.

With so many channels and so many opportunities out there for marketers, how do they battle these shrinking budgets and where are the best opportunities, where should they really focus today?

One part is obviously the people equation, which is that getting the right talent in the right spot. If you get the right senior leadership in place they can guide those decision-making processes. The other part of it is the governance side of things. How do you identify, how to you assess, how do you test and scale those opportunities? I think there needs to be a new framework put in place.

It’s an interesting world as we’re changing so dramatically. What do you think are some of the most under-utilized tools for marketers today?

Analytics. I think people think they’re using it, but they’re not really using it. There’s still a lot of gut reaction that’s driving people’s decision-making versus it being data driven.

As a company that’s obviously always innovating, what’s next?

It’s not so much what’s next, but what are we doing with all this. We haven’t really leveraged all that’s been created and built yet. I do think artificial intelligence is coming, it’s here in very light areas with artificial agents those kinds of things. But I think it holds huge promise for sure,

Wrapping up today’s show, I’ll ask you one more question. What one thing can marketers do today to transform the way they engage with people?

If you, as a marketer, really want to engage your customers’ go take your analytics people out for coffee or drink and become their best friend because the knowledge they have will help transform the business that you’re doing today.

Excellent Steve. Great conversation, hope you enjoyed the coffee and thank you.

Michael Chase

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Michael is leading St. Joseph's evolution to build ecosystems based around people, technology and insights, and to redefine the way brands invent experiences, engage with their customers, build sales, enhance loyalty and create evangelists. And… leveraging the incredible reach of award winning media titles like FASHION (, Toronto Life (, Wedding Bells and Where, Michael works with his team to help pioneer new ways of innovating, engaging, socializing and creating measurable change in the ever shifting digital marketplace.

In the immortal words of Steve Jobs - “People don’t know what they want till you show them.”

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