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Various magazines still dot the tables and reading racks of physicians’ offices, but digital signage is quickly grabbing more interest than that three-year-old copy of “People.” Digital signage is being used to entertain and inform patients as they wait their turn to see their doctor.

AccentHealth is a company that provides this kind of digital content. Founded in 1995 and based in New York City and Tampa, the patient-education media company has point-of-care media in 30,000 physician officers nationwide. It’s used by 90,000 health care practitioners and is serving 375 million annual patient visitors. AccentHealth’s mission is “to inspire patients to live healthier lives to drive positive health care outcomes.”

The company recently hired Jennifer Sewell to expand AccentHealth’s Client Care account management team and implement new programs to work in collaboration with the rapidly growing network of health care providers to improve patient health care outcomes. Sewell’s Client Care and Services team will work with AccentHealth’s provider partners to best utilize AccentHealth’s suite of patient education products and to directly incorporate provider feedback into new product development.

“With the increasing emphasis on patient education and the transition to value-based care, it’s more important now than ever to work alongside our client’s patient experience and marketing teams to create powerful, impactful, and lasting patient education programs,” Sewell said in a press release. “We equip our partners with the tools to customize the content and delivery to meet their specific needs.”

AccentHealth has been providing patient education at the point of care since it was founded in 1995. Its digital content offering includes patient education TV, an interactive exam room and mobile solutions. AccentHealth recently expanded its patient engagement platform through its acquisition of PageScience, a provider programmatic advertising targeting for pharmaceutical marketers. AccentHealth works with a variety of health care organizations, universities and news media to provide content for its digital displays.

“Through partnerships with CNN, Harvard Medical School, the American Cancer Society and the American Heart Association, AccentHealth offers patients the most trusted healthy lifestyle and condition-specific content across a variety of platforms at the point of care, including TV, mobile, digital and print,” Dan Stone, CEO of AccentHealth, told Digital Signage Today in an email.

In the waiting room, programming is digitally delivered via TV and can be customized based upon physician preference and specialty. AccentHealth’s content is produced by CNN’s Medical Unit, hosted by Dr. Sanjay Gupta, and by Harvard Medical School. Interactive tablets in exam rooms engage patients via Anatomicals, disease-specific anatomy visualizations with content designed to educate patients and facilitate patient-doctor discussion. Via mobile, AccentHealth is rolling out geo-fencing technology and mobile beacon technology to help physicians target messaging to patients in the waiting room and beyond. The content includes relevant advertising messages from the sponsors who make it available to physicians and patients free of charge.

Does it work? Do patients watch the content on the screens or engage with other point-of-care media? Yes, they do. But what’s the ROI for a physician’s office to install AccentHealth’s content?

In a recent study conducted by AccentHealth, doctors reported a 50 percent increase in discussions that day with regard to advertised brands among ad-aware viewers, and 63 percent of patients indicated they discussed or planned to discuss the product or condition advertised with their physician after viewing waiting-room TV content.

What about the wait times? It can be frustrating to wait a lengthy period of time to see one’s physician.

“Ninety-three percent of practice administrators agree that AccentHealth programming reduces patients’ perceived wait time,” Stone said. “AccentHealth products include options for customized practice messages. AccentHealth’s products are offered to health care practices at no cost.”

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Travis Wagoner

Travis Wagoner is a previous editor of He spent nearly 18 years in education as an alumni relations and communications director, coordinating numerous annual events and writing, editing and producing a quarterly, 72-plus-page magazine. Travis also was a ghostwriter for an insurance firm, writing about the Affordable Care Act. He holds a BA degree in communications/public relations from Xavier University.

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