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Oh, sure you could use that time to go to the coffee pot, but weren’t you trying to cut back? Or, you could finish some important email or return phone calls, but that’s so stressful!

Instead, why don’t you click here and take our annual QSR survey? It tracks QSR trends and operations and is open to C-level (CEO, COO, CMO, etc.) executives, owners/partners and franchisees of QSR brands.

First off, it’s way shorter than last year’s and should only take about 10 minutes because we cut it in half. Second, we really want to accurately report the state of the quick-service restaurant industry and we need all you captains and captain-ettes of industry to tell us the straight scoop from the front lines. Third, you will be entered into a drawing to win a $100 Amazon gift card for your troubles.

This survey seeks to get your read on issues like menu labeling, hourly and overtime pay regulations and the increasing pressures to offer healthful and sustainable food options, while simultaneously keeping food safety top of mind and staying on the leading edge of digital ordering.  We’ll compile the responses into a report with analysis, charts, graphs and commentaries, so you can compare your business practices to one another. Here’s last year’s report. 

We hope you’ll take 10 minutes out of your insanely busy schedule to help us give you a clear picture of where the industry stands. Thanks very much.

S.A. Whitehead

Award-winning veteran print and broadcast journalist, S.A. Whitehead, has spent most of the last 30 years reporting for TV and newspapers, including the former Kentucky and Cincinnati Post and a number of network news affiliates nationally. She brings her cumulative experience as a multimedia storyteller and video producer to the web-based pages of and after a lifelong “love affair” with reporting the stories behind the businesses that make our world go ‘round. Ms. Whitehead is driven to find and share news of the many professional passions people take to work with them every day in the pizza and quick-service restaurant industry. She is particularly interested in the growing role of sustainable agriculture and nutrition in food service worldwide and is always ready to move on great story ideas and news tips.

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