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BrightSign LLC, a manufacturer of digital signage players, has announced a pair of successful retail installments, according to a company press release.

In both cases, applications of digital signage are being used on hundreds of connected screens to engage customers and and intended to drive revenue growth. And while these businesses — Oil Can Henry’s and Cellular Sales — compete in entirely different markets, both are forging new ground in retail, harnessing digital signage to communicate with customers more effectively.

“The sky is the limit when it comes to digital signage in retail, and these two businesses are examples of how a fresh approach to customer-facing digital signage can yield very positive results,” said Jeff Hastings, CEO of BrightSign. “A modest up-front investment in digital signage can pay dividends many times over, as is the case for both of these organizations.”

One of the installments was for Oil Can Henry’s, an Oregon-based provider of vehicle maintenance with more than 100 shops located throughout the Pacific Northwest. The company installed digital signage displays in maintenance bays at locations across all of its key markets, the release said. The displays are being used to sell additional services during a customer’s visit, resulting in an average service visit cost increase of 20 percent. The screens are also used during off-hours for employee training and other corporate communications.

The other installment was for Cellular Sales, a Verizon retailer in the U.S. with more than 560 stores in 28 states. The company replaced legacy printed signage that was costly and time-consuming to update. With digital signage now in place, Cellular Sales is positioned support Verizon corporate promotions instantly, whereas in the past the stores would not have been able to produce and ship materials in time to support the promotions, the release said.

Additionally, the company located more than 50 displays throughout its corporate headquarters. Deploying digital signage at corporate headquarters and in retail locations across the country has proven successful for Cellular Sales, increasing employee engagement and retail sales, the company said.

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