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We are pleased to announce the grand opening of our Innovation Lab at Right Media Solutions. Located on our campus in Salem, MA; the lab showcases the depths of our hardware and installation capabilities as well as our passion for developing engaging, dynamic, and experience driven content for our clients.

Currently, our showcase highlights include a nine screen video wall, multiple touch-screen displays and a variety of dynamic data-driven examples.

Our video wall runs a variety of content ranging from a 9 channel demo to a full screen roller coaster simulation. Our dynamic displays offer real-time pricing edits and auto updating rss feeds. Our touch displays provide interactive wayfinding and engaging entertainment offerings like photo booths and trivia games.

All of these features are controlled using our touch screen command center interface developed using software from Intuilabs. The command center, while offering the latest news and weather information, can also be used to trigger a takeover of every screen in the lab.

About Right Media Solutions
Right Media Solutions has roots running back to one of the original DOOH companies.Our staff has more decades of combined experience in the Digital Signage Industry. We are flexible to address all project types and sizes. Whether you need a single screen installation or design and implementation of locations in the thousands we can meet your needs.

We offer turn-key digital signage solutions by developing plans, procuring and testing equipment, implementing the roll-out and providing on-going support services.Our headquarters outside of Boston, MA provide a unique layout that allows us to offer warehouse and logistic solutions while simultaneously providing testing and development centers.Additionally, we provide data analytic services to ensure your signage is effective and optimized.

Through the development of interactive content and dynamic digital signage media, we are driven to enhance brand awareness and create deeper consumer experiences that translate directly into increased revenue and customer satisfaction.

Our creative team can develop messages that drive your brand. We develop content for video walls, menu boards, wayfinders, video displays, interactive kiosks and mobile platforms.

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