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By Kerwin Everson – RMG Networks

In an article Taking Action on Data: Is It Getting Any Easier published on EBN Online, the author, Frank Cavallaro says “we are drowning in a flood of data.” He proposes that vendors should spend more time presenting data in a “digestible” format that focuses on or aligns with the end-user’s KPIs than they currently spend on fine-tuning their sales pitch.

The article reaffirms something that each of you reading this blog post already know – data can profoundly boost productivity, improve safety results and improve inventory accuracy. WOW – so why doesn’t every enterprise ensure that data is available and visible to every employee who needs to know?

The reason is pretty simple and is, in fact, the most significant point made in the article, in my opinion. Cavallaro says, “….all too often the step from collecting data to letting it drive decisions is more than the average organization can handle.” I have found that the key is knowing how to collect, interpret and deliver the precise information needed to make the best decision in real time. A decision based on yesterday’s data may be the worst decision today. Employees need to be in the know up-to-the-minute, so they can make the most informed decision possible to achieve their daily individual, team or company goal.

Imagine for a moment the worker in your factory or distribution/fulfillment center who is within minutes of completing a specific task. He/she wonders – what’s next? Who needs my help the most? Does that employee sit around and wait for a supervisor for 30 minutes to direct him/her to the next assignment? What about the worker who is waiting for product or inventory to come his/her way down the conveyor – wondering if it has cleared a blocked chute or a clogged belt?

Labor Productivity

As you are too painfully aware – these are real scenarios that play themselves out all day long. Multiply those 30 lost minutes times 5, 10, 100 or 500 employees each shift, and you will quickly see data needs to be presented in real time to those who can fix a situation right now. This translates to the bottom line immediately. Cost saved – productivity improved – customer satisfaction enhanced.


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