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Travelers traipsing through San Francisco International Airport Terminal 3 are enjoying a unique interactive retail experience at the See’s Candies store as it’s boasting a “heritage” wall that provides shoppers insight on the retailer’s history and it only takes a slight of hand to make happen.

The fully interactive exhibit was built by Float Hybrid in collaboration with Pacific Gateway Concessions, which operates the store, and offers a peak into the retailer’s packing, marketing and brand features on a 65-inch screen that responds to shoppers’ movements as they move across the exhibit.

A welcome note pops up when a shopper steps up to the display and all they need to do to learn about product and history of the company is to move a hand over an exhibit item. The See’s Candies interactive experience is the third deployed at the airport by the two partners.

For Pacific Gateway Concessions, the digital consumer interaction opportunity presents more than a few benefits.

“In this digital age shoppers want information in real-time to make better educated decisions. We are using cutting-edge technology to provide shoppers that education with the touch of a product,” Kenneth Howe, at Pacific Gateway Concessions, told Retail Customer Experience.

The technology’s scalability is also compelling, notes Howe.

“The cost efficiency of the technology makes it an incredibly scalable solution for retailers. This is not one of those technologies that can only be executed in one flagship store. This is something that can be scaled across stores to provide the best ROI for the retailer,” he said.

But the direct sales impact is likely what will catch most attention with retailers.

“If you look at the response to our interactive displays it’s hard to argue that this isn’t something consumers are hungry for. We saw a 205 percent and 120 percent increase in sales units for our two previous Float Hybrid interactive displays. We expect highly positive results for our See’s Candies display,” Howe said.

Float’s Anything Interactive technology allows retailers tailor content to individual shopper interactions, and offers live two-way communication between a brand and shopper.

“Technology should be magical, seamless and value additive for both the customer and retailer,” said Keith Bendes, head of business development at Float Hybrid, in a release. “Shoppers want a unique and helpful experience that they can’t get at home.”

“Personalization is key,” Bendes added. “The information delivered has to be relevant in that moment to truly engage the shopper.”

The system also anonymously tracks consumer interactions and that lets retailers better analyze shopping patterns and purchase trends.

PG Concessions and Float Hybrid plan to keep deploying the Anything Interactive technology to more retail locations and airports across the U.S.


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