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Not that long a time ago, in places both near and far, far away, the force of an engaging customer experience was awakened — with a helping hand from the force of digital signage.

Most movie tie-ins are much like any other movie tie-ins, except when the movie they’re tying into is one of the most eagerly anticipated films in history. So for a few weeks in mid-December anything and everything was plastered with “Star Wars: The Force Awakens.”

Two shopping experiences in particular made spectacularly good use of the gesture interactive capabilities of digital signage to really bring the Force to life for shoppers.

Hypermarket chain Carrefour set up an interactive video wall experience for customers in Romania to do their grocery shopping by using “the force” (a.k.a. a Microsoft Kinect gesture device):

And the Indooroopilly Shopping Centre in Queensland, Australia, hosted a Star Wars Interactive Zone featuring a digital signage Star Wars costume contest kiosk:

Now we just have to wait for Episode VIII to see what kind of cool interactive technology will be available for movie tie-ins in 2017.

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  1. John 6 years ago

    With a series as beloved as Star Wars, it’s awesome to see companies taking full advantage of the opportunities such an iconic film can provide. Anytime something features physical gesture capabilities like this, many people often think of The Force since it has become the fictional standard for moving things without touching them, and it’s cool to see families sharing in the experience thanks to technology. Thanks for sharing.

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