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LG Double-Sided OLED Display

LG is featuring their latest OLED innovations at CES in Las Vegas this week.

OLED, an emerging technological innovation, is an often flexible display as thin as 1mm and has the ability to be peeled on and off any surface. And now, it can even be double-sided thanks to LG. Check out this video:

This type of technology will one day revolutionize the digital signage industry, providing businesses and consumers alike a whole new way of marketing and interacting with brands and products.

Imagine the ability to hang a double-sided digital display, almost as thin as your historic posters, in your store window. One screen to replace 2, 3, 4 – multiple posters – with interchanging content either side.

Imagine any hanging posters or billboards replaced with one double-sided, lightweight display.

Imagine no restraints on where to place digital signage, something as thin and flexible as OLED can go anywhere.

These LG displays are prototypes and most likely cost a good buck today, but it’s a look into our “Minority Report” style future.

And as technology continues to advance and prices drop, OLED displays will one day be the standard.

Emily Carroll

Emily Carroll is the Marketing Manager of Prendi Pty Ltd. Prendi is a full-service digital solutions provider, specialising in the integration of a wide range of technologies, content and interactivity into physical environments.

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