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Elevate Award

Over the years, the ICX Association has continuously evolved to meet the changing needs of the marketplace as the use of technology in customer engagement has become more sophisticated and widely used.

In 2011, we handed out our first Awards of Excellence and Crown Awards, recognizing those who were leading the way in developing technology and content that created better experiences in brick-and-mortar and, later, mobile environments.

As 2015 draws to a close, we’re at it again, reinventing our awards program to reflect yet another shift in the way technology is deployed to enhance the customer experience.

The Elevate Award

The ICX Association is proud to announce the launch of the Elevate Award. We chose this name because every effort to engage customers in a relevant way has, at its roots, the goal of elevating the customer experience. What’s more, the mission of the ICX Association is to connect B2C brands to technology that elevates the customer experience. This notion of elevating the customer experience is what we are about and what the efforts we want to recognize are about.

We haven’t just changed the name of the awards. In the past, we parsed out the giving of deployment awards to reflect the best in digital signage, interactive kiosks & self-service and mobile. Moving forward, we are no longer thin-slicing the awards into these categories. Today’s deployments are most often an ecosystem of people, process and technologies that include a variety of technological platforms. To single out a few seemed limiting. To give awards to all tech platforms would ignore the integrated nature of deployments. Within each vertical there will be one winner.

For our content awards, we are handing out Elevate Awards for content in two general categories, with two sub-categories:

  • Point-of-Sale – with sub-categories for budgets under $10,000 and over $10,000.
  • Point-of-Wait – with sub-categories for budgets under $10,000 and over $10,000

As in years past, content will be evaluated based on the following:

  • Did the content meet the stated objectives?
  • Was the content engaging?
  • Did the content fit the environment?
  • Did the content fit the target audience?

Deployment of the Year

Another new wrinkle is the awarding of the Deployment of the Year Elevate Award. This award will go to the deployment that receives the highest average score from our panel of judges.

Each deployment is judged by the same rubric by a multitude of judges. Once all the scores have been tabulated, the submission with the highest marks will receive this honor.

ICX Influencer of the Year

A final award that we will begin handing out in 2016 is the ICX Influencer of the Year award. This honor will go to the individual or organization that is making a significant impact in interactive customer experience.

This award is given out by the ICX Association, and is based upon our own research and conversations with members and other stakeholders in the industry. Though we welcome input, this award is given wholly at the discretion of the ICX Association.

The Elevate Awards ceremony

We will hand out awards during a ceremony at the 2016 ICX Summit, June 1-3 in Dallas. Submissions will close on February 1, 2016, and we’ll tabulate the results and notify the winners with plenty of time to register for this event that shouldn’t be missed.

Who should enter?

If you are a B2C brand and have launched a deployment that you are proud of, you should enter. If you are a supplier or agency or integrator, and you’ve worked with a client to develop a great deployment, you too should enter. If you are a brand or agency that has developed stunning content that has elevated your customers’ experience, you should most certainly enter.

If you’ve elevated your game by elevating the customer experience, submit your entry today and share your success with the rest of the world.

2016 ICX Association Elevate Award categories

  • Best ICX content Point-of-Sale (Total Budget <$10,000)
  • Best ICX content Point-of-Sale (Total Budget >$10,000)
  • Best ICX content Point-of-Wait (Total Budget <$10,000)
  • Best ICX content Point-of-Wait (Total Budget >$10,000)
  • Best ICX Deployment: Corporate Communication
  • Best ICX Deployment: Digital Out-of-Home
  • Best ICX Deployment: E-commerce
  • Best ICX Deployment: Entertainment/Gaming
  • Best ICX Deployment: Financial Services
  • Best ICX Deployment: Government/Education/Non-Profit
  • Best ICX Deployment: Healthcare
  • Best ICX Deployment: Hospitality
  • Best ICX Deployment: Restaurant
  • Best ICX Deployment: Retail
  • Best ICX Deployment: Travel
  • Best ICX Deployment: Other (for a vertical market not listed above)
  • ICX Deployment of the Year
  • ICX Influencer of the Year
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