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Atlanta event to explore tech innovation in B2C customer experience

The ICX Association kicks off its ICX Symposium series in Atlanta on October 27 and 28 with an event titled,
Inflection Point: The Future Tech of Customer Experience. The symposium, which takes place at the Westin
ICXASymposiumLogoAtlanta2015Atlanta Airport Hotel, explores the impact of next generation computing technology, which will equip B2C
brands with the means to engage and understand customers on a scale that is unimaginable today.

“The ICX Symposium series is a bold step forward in our mission to connect B2C brands with technology that
elevates the customer experience,” said Scott Slucher, Executive Director of the ICX Association. “The series is
unique in that each event examines a single concept, or theme, with our talks all organized around that theme.”

The Atlanta ICX Symposium event consists of five interactive lecture sessions and a cocktail reception that
gives attendees the opportunity to network. As of this writing, speakers include:

  • Jonathan Crabb | Home Depot
  • Laura Davis-Taylor | MaxMedia
  • Ed King | MaxMedia
  • Daniel Steere | Fiserv
  • Jeremy Sublett | Composable Systems
  • Scott Wozniak | Chick-Fil-A

Another feature of the ICX Symposium series that weary business travelers may find appealing is the goal of
minimizing the time spent away from home. “Each event clocks in at just 22 hours from start-to-finish,”
Slucher said. “This was part of an overall strategy to make these events as hassle-free as possible, with the
emphasis on the content and networking.”

For more information on attending or sponsoring ICX Symposium events:

About the ICX Association
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