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Just before the school year begins, NoviSign launches a new digital signage service suits especially for all types of educational institutions: Elementary schools, High schools, Colleges and Universities. This new service includes a unique, easy to use and operate digital signage system designed especially for educational institutions, in order to upgrade the learning experience by adding informative and interactive screens, allowing you to publish and convey information quickly, efficiently and effortlessly with any Android, Chrome or Windows device.

The purpose of this new service is to provide an information mechanism that would allow to publish and update easily and effectively information throughout the educational institution and even in a number of institutions at the same time. Upcoming events, campus news, welcome notices, scheduling changes and more – all of those can be published on screens around the campus and be updated from any computer, without a direct access to the screen. Also, the innovative system of NoviSign is so easy to operate that you can turn it into an educational activity for the students and make them responsible of the content on the screen.

But beyond the ability of the system to publish information around the campus and raise the awareness of the students about different topics, NoviSign offers an innovative system that allows to create an interaction with the students. Who should be your next student council president? What activity would you like to take place on the last day of school? NoviSign polling system allows to ask question on the big screen and let the students answer directly from their smartphones while watching the results updating automatically on the bid screen.

NoviSign company aims to develop the field of digital signage at educational institutions and offers special terms to support and help those institutions, such as unique templates, free trainings and special price.



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